Monday, January 14, 2008

Life of a Site Engineer (Coming soon!)

Those who had read my profile know about my profession. My life is now full of travelling and travelling. I want to share my feeling, my experience with you. Problem is one and that is - lack of time. But I will write as early as possible........

Monday, October 22, 2007

Inner Outer (A story)

[I am back! Plz read the story...Sadat]


Every noon Mofiz Mia has to come here. Shantinagar More. Many multistoried buildings are placed. A lot of shops are seen both sides of the busy street. Every moment rickshaw-pullers have to fail in race with running bus or CNGs. But Mofiz Mia does not make any contest of race to anybody with his hand-pulled go curt. He is used to stay silently before the biggest apartment building. His helper is his only son named Montu who is just a 10 years old boy. It is he who makes his father moving from place to place by pulling the go curt from morning till evening.
- Mother! Please give me one taka.
Hearing the appeal she had flown into a rage, What do you mean by 'Mother' ? Who is your mother? Don't you call me 'Madam' ?
- Sorry! Sorry Madam! Mofiz Mia became afraid of facing such a sudden anger. Please Madam! Give me a taka.
Montu could not discover the cause of the anger of that woman on his father. So he asked his father, Father, why did she get angry?
- God knows! It's very difficult to understand their mode and feelings. They laugh when they wish; they become angry when they want!!!
- Father! Are they rich?
- What the hell are you taking about? Stupid! They are not only rich but very very rich people. Some of them don't know exactly about the amount of their wealth!
- Their life is full of fun and enjoy, isn't it? Father!
- Yes, my son. They are very happy.
- Do they eat pollaw-meat everyday?
- God knows! May be or may not be. Do you have a deep desire to eat meat-rice now?
Montu moved his head showing the sign of 'Yes'.
- Ok son! Let's go.
Mofiz Mia started walking with his son to Malibag More where in a small shop '10 taka plate Biriany' is available. Mofiz Mia knows very well about the making procedure of this Biriany. But his son does not know that the combination of various wastage foods of many community centers of Dhaka is this Biriany.


In the 8th floored flat Tisha's family is living. The flat number is 9/B. Three beds, dining, drawing and kitchen-such a big flat is really costly. There is a south balcony full of available light and air. But the consumers to enjoy these facilities are very poor in number. The inhabitants of this vast residence are Mr. Jamal Chowdhury, his wife Mithila Chowdhury and their only daughter Tisha who has appeared O level this year. She has to pass most of the time of every day alone. She has got his father very busy of business after her birth. Her mother is not less busy than that of her father. She is a well-known social worker. She is engaged with various organizations. Meeting in morning, seminar at noon and every night party make her such busy that its hard for her to find time for sleeping!
- You have done a lot of social works. Is it not enough? Said Jamal Chowdhury.
- What? What do you mean? Mithila Chowdhury asked very angrily.
- Our daughter passes whole day alone. You should give company her.
- Shouldn't you? Is the girl only mine?
- Rubbish! What are you talking? You are her mother.
- Yes. But you are her father.
- But I'm busy of business.
- And it seems to you that I'm passing time doing nothing just dancing?
- Don't talk like an idiot.
- You've called me a bad name. You rascale!
The storm had begun. Tisha was hearing everything from her room that was very close in position to her parent's room. But everyday she has to hear it in the same way. Same incident occurs every night.
Midnight... Rebuking...Mother's shout...disgusting! Tisha increased the volume of her CD player. Switching off the light she sat on bed taking the mobile set in hand.
- Hi Ifty! What are you doing?
- Just watching movie.
- Which movie?
- It does not be said!
- What? What are you watching? Are you enjoying any hardly forbidden movie?
- Oh...ho. Just joking. But why are you not sleeping? Its one o'clock midnight.
- I don't feel sleepy. Sleep has forgotten me.
- Do and get married then sleep will remember you!
- Shit!
Tisha cut the line. She would sleep. She was being awakened alone as sleep didn't touch her. Watching through window she discovered that she was not alone, a half moon was in the sky with her being awaken keeping company to Tisha. But the moon seemed to her very hopeless!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Father’s Day!

20 June is the upcoming Father's Day. I would like to wish Happy fathers' day for all proudy fathers of the world.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Rain is coming Bangladesh. We are waiting for you. Rain is badly needed for us.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

World Environment Day

Tomorrow 5th June the world environment day. Most of th times we don't think about our environment. We should think of it.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A poem

I didn't see her
But I feel
I talked her
She is real...