Saturday, July 24, 2004

First Love

Can anyone forget his/her first love of life? Perhapes not. A man may forget any event of his life if he wants. But he cannot forget his first love if he tries hundred times. I know not all love stories have perfect ending. Though end is not everything. End after end. Actually love has no end. It is just like oscean that is endless.
Today I will tell you a true story. It was five years ago. At that time a boy was in class eight(grade=8). Suppose his name was Roky. At this age people know little what love is. But they want to know. Like them Roky wanted to know. He liked a girl of class seven(grade=7) named Tani(suppose). That time all moments of Roky were passing by thinking of her. Once suddenly Roky proposed her. Tani agreed him. And they began to fly in the world of dream.
But oneday their communicantion had been fallen into a big unexpecting gap. Though time was passing, they could not forget each other. After three years they met together. Still they are in love. But they don't know future, they are beside each other forever becoming friends.
Actually none can forget first love. U cannot. I cannot. None can.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Try To Love All

Look at the upper image. It is full of love. Here both enemies kiss each other. Actually they share love together. Animal can forgive. Why human cannot? Try to love all even your enemy.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Recent Bangladeshi Movies

What is movie? The answer of this question may be expressed in various ways. Movie is a source of recreation. It can be commented as a mirror that may reflect human life to viewers. But lamp has light upper and dark lower. A movie can do harm to watcher if it is full of unwise sex and violence. And it is deeply pitiful that most recent playing Bangladeshi movies are full of useless sex and unwise story. This type movie may influence young to do evil deed. As a result number of crimers may be increased.

But a good movie can teach people lot by presenting wise art, true history and reality of life. Actually not all recent Bangladeshi movies are meaningless. Some nice movies are being produced, such as, MATIR MOINA. But they are very small in number. All artists of film world of Bangladesh should come forward to make wise story based movie that may give us not only recreation but also lessons.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Have you ever seen fox? It is a small & very clever animal. Moreover it is commented as a popular animal. In many stories various writers have used fox as different characters. When I was a child my late grandfather(NANA VAI) told me lot of stories based on fox. At that time several idea about fox grew in my mind. Fox is a kind of thief. It likes eggs. It can make trouble for man etc, etc & etc. So I had a desire to see fox face to face. Though I saw it zoo. But I wanted to see real & wild.
A few days ago my hope was filled up by nature. It was night. In campus of RUET I was talking by cell phone with my friend of IR in DU, at that time I found a small animal standing near me. Observing keenly I sured that it was a fox. I told it to my friend. She was laughing and I was watching. After sometimes the fox ran away.

Sunday, July 11, 2004


Dhaka varsity is one of the famous varsities of the world. About 30 thousand students study here. Of them a big portion is female. They have dream to be established. They hope better environment of study here. But do they get that? They get something what is not proper of expectation. Moreover insulting manner by few boys makes their mind pitiful. But this is not hopped.
Recently a news published on some newspapers about girl blackmailing of that varisty makes me disappointed much. The news tells that a female student was blackmailed by her lover. Making emotional situation the girl's lover took her bed and all bedscenes were vedioed . Then the evillover made the C.D. published through market and he left country. Now what the girl will do? She can't lead her life normally. Perhapes she may suiside. Question is who will responsible for that?
The administration of Dhaka varsity should take steps to save girl from further blackmailing immadiately. Beside this, both male & female students should be keep decent. Love is universal. None should spoil that by going bed before marriage. All should keep patience. I think desire for doing better of nativeland is more important than to make useless affair. So we should study well and dream to make SONAR BANGLA.

Saturday, July 10, 2004


If anyone is asked the upper heading as a question outside Bangladesh, he/she may consider the asker as a mad or a joker. But here now this is not a matter of joke. In Bangladesh our history is changing after per five years. Though it is strange but true.
1971. The most glorious year of our life. Our Independent war was happened this year.We have lost a lot through lives, blood & honour. But we get a free motherland BANGLADESH.
It is our bad luck that we, the young can't know the real history of '71 what should be known to all must. In school life I know that, what is being changed in college life. In varsity life I learn another. So like me many are in deep problem about the real history of Bangladesh. What is true/false?
Our text books do not give us right idea. When government is changed, the idea of text is also changed. So our future is growing up with flexible known history of nativeland. It is really pitiful for us. Immadiately we should do something.

Sunday, July 04, 2004


Are we going to lose our freedom of speech? Why journalists are being killed one by one? But where is judgement? Perhapes the answer of all these questions is "I DON'T KNOW".
Bangladesh is an independent country since 16 December, 1971. So here all should have right to speech freely. Journalists should have so. Their duty is to show all black & dark of society through pen. None should try to prevent them for expressing true. But this is not happened. They are being prevented. Many journalists are being tortured and many were killed. Journalist Cable, Mukul, Manik and recently killed Balu etc are examples of hitted journalism.
Actually this is very bad for country. Moreover no judgement has yet been hold for any of these killings. Now outside world may consider us a country of speech without freedom. Our Government should think about this immadiately. Because already we have lost a lot.