Thursday, September 23, 2004

Frustration of young

Young of today are the future of tomorrow. So they are the hope of nation. But it is our misfortune that many young boys/girls are full of frustration instead of inspiration. They become aimless, crazy & hopeless. Most of them are addicted to smoking, drinking & various drugs. Day after day they are going to be destroyed.
Now the question-why are they frustrated? Answer may be narrated from different points of view. Failure & lose are common words to define the situation. There is a proverb, weal & woe come by turns. But it is hard for young to tolerate this. For lack of patience they become very much disappointed when they fail any field. I think lost love is one of the main problems of young. Bad relation between parents is a cause of frustration. Long distance between demand & achievement can grow frustration.
What is the solution of this problems? Perhaps no particular answer will be found. just one thing can be commented we should have keep patience. Thinking power should be increased. Useless anger must be removed. I know it is easy to say but difficult to do, but not impossible. If it is done, then we may hope,'We shall overcome someday!'

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Hi everybody! How are you? Hope you fine. Today I'm going to write my 25th blog. It's a quarter century! But yet no wicket has been fallen! Now I'll tell you my experience that I acquired through my past posts. Perhaps it may be boring. So please don't mind.
Actually I was in dark about blogging & blog world. One day I heard one of my friends wrote regularly in e-net through his website. Then a desire was grown in my mind-I would like to write in internet. At that time I'd an idea that wabsite making was costly. As I'm a poor student, I left the wish of writing.
Once I saw a website with exclusive writings named 'Close your eyes and try to see' in our varsity central computer lab. I was glad to know that the maker of this site is one of the students of our class. And he was Rifat. This bosom friend of mine helped me lot to open a blog and modify it. Thanks Rifat! Thank you very much!!
It is really amazing that unknown people read my blog. They not only read but also comment. When I got first comment on my blog, I can't express my feelings at that time. I was to glad too speak. So thank you all & LOVE U ALL!!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Administration building of RUET

Today, 1st September, 2004, the first Varsity Day of RUET where I study. Do you know the meaning of RUET? It refers to Rajshahi University of Engineering & technology. It was established as engineering college in 1964. Then it was converted to BIT (Bangladesh Institute of Technology), Rajshahi. Last year this institute came out to our view as RUET. Today we're going to celebrate for passing a year of glory as varsity student.

Department of EEE (my dept.)

One year had passed. Now we've to think about our achievements through one year. Actually it's our bad luck, some facilities like internet in hall, sufficient books of variuos subjects, exclusive ID card, well constructed high road etc are not so increasing as our expectation. But it's a matter of hope that our administration is taking steps to solve all of our problems. Moreover just one year time is not enough to remove all faults & difficulties of a varsity. So we've to wait.

One of our labs

When I's a student of 1st semester one of our professors commented-"Institute never glorify students, students may glorify institute". So now we've to think about the way through which we make proud of RUET. Because we love our RUET very much.