Tuesday, April 26, 2005

No need of censor board!

Have you enjoyed recent released Bangle movie? Anybody may ask me, "Are you joking?" I think most of you will oppose the word "enjoy". Because the man who has a little bit of choice for culture of Bangladesh must give up watching Bangle movie that is mostly story less, senseless, properly education less but full of idiotic, useless & unwise sex & violence. So it is totally impossible to enjoy. Any way! I am confused about the act of censor board that gives permission such type of vulgar movie to play in cinema hall! How is it possible? A well-headed man can’t permit any vulgar movie for playing.
During the time of consideration what were the jobs of the members of the censor board?
Were they sleeping? I am very much surprised when I see a fantastic & artistic movie "MATIR MOINA" was censored but many dirty movies are being released. Lot of questions are being raised for the role of censor board. If such type of censor board is not existed, perhaps the nation will not be hampered much. So no need of censor board!!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

A writing of mine in star

Today a letter written by me has been published in the daily star. Plz read it if u get time. Click here.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Two of my published writings

Mainly I am a writer of 'bangla' language. I like to write about various topics of science. Yesterday I wrote on mobile tips in a national daily 'Amardesh'. If you like to read the tips plz click here.
Today a writing of mine has been published in the daily Star. Would you read it ? plz click here.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

A question?!

An advertisement: LIFE IS SHORT/ LIVE IT UP!!!
But how is it possible?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Walking in a loadsheded night

In our daily life load shedding play an important role as it has already become one of the common means of our life during every hot season! Now we’re passing summer facing angry sun with heartless hot air. People are always trusty. Hot weather makes people tired. Most boring life we pass at present. It becomes most boring when the electricity is off. This is occurred mostly every night. Men of all age turn to be helpless at that time. I live in Rajshahi that is one of the hottest districts of Bangladesh. Every night during the time of load shedding most of the students come out of hall and walk and gossip in campus. Before my hall a big field is situated. We sit on grass dividing groups. Sitting circularly we start gossiping. There is no fixed topic. Politics, game, cause of load shedding etc are the topics. Sometimes we enjoy dirty jokes. One strange matter takes place in discussion and that is mobile. ‘One unknown number missed called me. Threat him.’ ‘Look, she send me a nice sms.’ etc etc etc. When gentle breeze blows we feel comfort. Otherwise we rebuke continuously all responsibilities of power system until the electricity back. It is right load shedding gives us pleasure for a limited time by depriving us from boring study! But there is a proverb – Excess of anything is bad.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Free! Free!!

Three months of a year we are too busy to think of other topics except native land & language. February, March & December-in these months we suddenly become very much patriot! During that time we are so so anxious about ‘Bangla’ & Bangladesh! When February comes, we engage to discuss about our language & sacrifice of 1952 only for this month. Strangely other times of year we are not interested on this matter. Similarly during March & December we speak, think & write on the topics related to our liberation war. Honour of freedom fighters is the talk of the time in two months. It’s funny that in other months we don’t think about the contribution of freedom fighters.
So these three months make us busy and after their departure, we free & free!!!

Monday, April 11, 2005

March Gone, We Free!

The month of independence has gone. So we've become free! Three months of a year-february, march & december make us too much consious about our motherland & language! During this time most of us think, speak & write on freedom, freedom fighter & 'Bangla' language. In other time strangrely we can't do so. What a funny mentality it is!