Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Walking in a loadsheded night

In our daily life load shedding play an important role as it has already become one of the common means of our life during every hot season! Now we’re passing summer facing angry sun with heartless hot air. People are always trusty. Hot weather makes people tired. Most boring life we pass at present. It becomes most boring when the electricity is off. This is occurred mostly every night. Men of all age turn to be helpless at that time. I live in Rajshahi that is one of the hottest districts of Bangladesh. Every night during the time of load shedding most of the students come out of hall and walk and gossip in campus. Before my hall a big field is situated. We sit on grass dividing groups. Sitting circularly we start gossiping. There is no fixed topic. Politics, game, cause of load shedding etc are the topics. Sometimes we enjoy dirty jokes. One strange matter takes place in discussion and that is mobile. ‘One unknown number missed called me. Threat him.’ ‘Look, she send me a nice sms.’ etc etc etc. When gentle breeze blows we feel comfort. Otherwise we rebuke continuously all responsibilities of power system until the electricity back. It is right load shedding gives us pleasure for a limited time by depriving us from boring study! But there is a proverb – Excess of anything is bad.