Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Punishment on schoolboys

It’s a common scene of our schools that children are cruelly punished there. Most of the school teachers like to beat them mercilessly. They apply various techniques on students as punishment, such as, to hurt ear or belly or fingers, to stand by one leg, to bow down under bench etc etc. All these useless activities often hamper a child’s both mental & physical health. As a result broken minded generation may be got.
Recently it has been found a heartrending example ‘Dipu’. He was only 12 years schoolboy of class four. This innocent boy was killed by one of his teachers through beating.
To err is human. So it’s natural that a student may make mistakes during study. Teachers should identify the causes of mistakes and make the students understood it. Schoolboys or girls are not sinners or crimers as they would be punished such an unwise way. If a teacher advises students with proper care, they must obey him/ her. So no need of such physical punishment.

Monday, July 11, 2005

From a national newspaper......

"After brutally unleashing their fury on photojournalists, some members of the National Security Intelligence (NSI) have exposed the poverty of their intelligence. This they have done by framing cases against 20 journalists. What a shame! It is them who should find themselves in the dock for failing to do their duty. Instead, they try to prove that they did the right thing by physically assaulting the journalists who were carrying on their professional duty. What was the photojournalists' crime? They took pictures of the NSI office's boqndary wall smeared by writing and posters on it. This drew the wrath of the NSI members, not the writing and fastening of posters on the wall. Was it an act of threat to national security? For argument's sake let us accept that taking picture of the wall is not legally approved, but does it mean that the members of the NSI would resort to physical violence against the 'offenders'? They have no business to hand summary punishment to such offenders. It is the court that is entitled to decide the matter and award punishment, if any."

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Rain Comes...

We are passing rainy season now. Its really charming to enjoy the dropping sound of rain, more interesting is showering! In Rajshahi rain is rare comparing other districts. So when it comes people try to use it properly. Specially children play football on ground bathing. My exam is running at full speed! As I have to deprive the wish to be wet in rain afraid of fever!