Monday, December 20, 2004

Mother// The sweetest word

Do you know the sweetest word of the world? What is the loving word that is commented as the upper heading? It is ‘MOTHER’. Yes! In English it is called ‘Mother’ or ‘Mom’ or ‘Mama’ or ‘Mammy’ etc. Using my native language Bangla
it is said ‘Ma’ or ‘Mau’ or ‘Mago’ or ‘Amma’ or ‘Ammu’. Actually different people use different language to call their most loving mother. In Hindi the term ‘Mother’ is expressed as ‘Maji’ & ‘Ammaji’ is the Urdu term of ‘Mother’.
Mother is the nearest & dearest person for every human being. She gives our birth facing terrible sufferings for ten months or more. When I was child, she looked after me without neglecting any of my wants. Actually all mother of the world always ready to do anything for the welfare of their children. Sometimes it is seen that mother feeds child by her food & she doesn’t eat anything. She faces the effect of hunger smilly for the existence of the life of her child. A lot of sacrifice we get from mother.
Most of us just take from mother. But nothing is given to her. Very strangely many of us forget the sacrifice of mother. They neglect their old mother. There are some people who leave their mother in old-home. They come to meet her once a year. Some of them don’t come. Strange! Really human nature is very strange!!!
Mother is the best inspiration for anybody to reach his/her destination at any field. I think if a man follows his mother’s advise properly, he must succeed in life. Mother is the best blessing from God for men. Life without mother is totally impossible.
Now we, the Bangladeshis, are passing the month of victory. Because 16 December is our Independent Day. In 1971 through a bloodstained nine months long war we got our independence. At that critical time all the freedom fighters got inspirations from their mother as because mother is compared to motherland & motherland is similar to mother.
The national song of Bangladesh is based on mother. The first line of the song is ‘ OH! MY GOLDEN BANGLA I LOVE YOU....’ In this loving song at many points Bangladesh is called & compared as mother. Actually not only in Bangladesh but also in most of the countries country songs are written with a reflection of mother.
From birth to death in anybody’s life at every stage mother’s contribution is visible.
Now I am 400 km far from my mother. Mother I really miss you. Love you mother! Love you very much!

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My Life in a Circle!!!!!!!

After a long vacation my class has been started a week ago. Now I'm passing a boring life that can be commented as a circle. Every early morning I get up from bed. Then going to toilet I face a long line of students. After sometimes I go to class. Most of the time I fail to take my breakfast due to lack of time. With hunger I attend sessonal classes, lectures, classtests etc. Three hours long sessonal classes make me so tired that I want to leave lectures of teachers. But I can't. Getting a short tea break I do class till noon. Going back I take meal & then go to sleep. Every afternoon I with friends go to Kazla, a place beside Rajshahi varsity. Eating something we back rooms. And then study till midnight. Everyday all these sequences come to my varsity life as a circle. I think most of the engineering students have to face boring lives like me. Perhaps it is natural!!! So I've to carry on this circle life though I want it or not!!!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

My friends! I miss u all!!!

Today I will not write anything. Now I will show some photos of my friends and favorite sir/madam including me. All these images sometimes fall me in nostalgia that were so so so sweet days! My friends! Most of you are now too far from me but not from heart!!

At last day of college with Sahid sir.

With our best teacher Dul-a-Shari madam whom we called MOM.

Birthday of Sanjoy.

I really miss u all! LOVE U ALL!!!
Courtesy for photos: Doctor(in future) Rakib Rahman.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Eid has gone away!!!!!!!!!!!

The biggest Muslims' festival EID has gone. Now all have to back to join jobs. Last month totally I spent with my family Baisal that is my home city with great joy. Next week I've to back Rajshahi where is my varsity. Again class, sessonal, exam & exam.............boring.......most boring!!! But the reality is so hard. I must have to back if I wanna be an engineer. So what can I do? just to back.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

EID MUBARAK!!!!!!!!!!

Few hours ago it was announced that Eid , the biggest Muslims’ festival, will be held day after tomorrow. So EID MUBARAK!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Eid & RAB

Eid, The biggest Muslim festival, is knocking at the door. So most of the people of town & city are eager to back home to meet relatives in order to enjoy Eid together. They are to use various transports for journey of going to family. But all the transport stations make them disheartened by announcing the lack of tickets. The authority of ticket selling says to people that they have no tickets. All had been sold. It’s a mystery that if you offer them extra money they may give you tickets. How is it possible? Is it a magic? May be or may not be. But the mystery should be discovered immediately. For this RAB may help us. So our all transport stations should be controlled by RAB immediately during this Eid season.

Monday, November 08, 2004

About Blogging in Daily Jugantor

Have you seen today’s Daily Jugantor that is one of the best national newspapers of Bangladesh? Surprisingly I found my blog address on a page of that renowed newspaper few hours ago this morning. Actually this daily has published a science & technology based page named ‘Jugantor-dot-com’ today. In this page a writer named ‘Tanjila Nusrat’ wrote about blogging. The name of the article of her in Bangla ‘Blogging // Tottho-Probaher Sadhinota’. Really it is nice writing. If you get time don’t forget to read & enjoy the mentioned article.
But there is a problem! You can’t get the page ‘Jugantor-dot-com’ in the website of Daily Jugantor. Strangely in e-version the authority of that national newspaper don’t add that page! They should add it immediately. So you have to buy a copy of today’s Jugantor from hokker if you want to know about blogging.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Enjoying Sad Songs at Night

I like night. Night is the best time for me to enjoy through study, writing, reading, watching and others. Silence of night helps me lot to think on any matter deeply without facing any noise what hampers my thoughts at day time.
It was 12-30 o'clock last night. My all family members're sleeping except me. I's enjoying sad songs what're Bengali. Tune made nostalgia. The room where I stayed are carring lots of well & woe moments of mine. I completed S.S.C & H.S.C living this room. Some writings're written by me here. I wrote my first published Bengali story sitting beside a table. And first love letter! It was not for me but for one of my friend who requested me to write a love letter for him in order to win the mind of a cute girl. Yes! he did it! He got her. But I failed myself. Strange....! Very strange....! No. Just nostalgia!!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Walking in a moonlit night

River & moon meet together in a moonlit night.

From my very boyhood I've a habit of walking. Actually walking gives me a large opportunity to observe different people & various lives of them. Moreover, often my pocket is a blank folder, so I've to walk. Have you ever enjoyed a moonlit night through walking? I enjoyed last night.
Going out of house I found a round moon east sky shining smooth shine. It was 7-30 o'clock at night. During this time of Ramadan I got few people street. Vehicles were small in number. I's walking. Suddenly a nightbird's passing over me. I's afraid. A dog was barking. When I's passing beside a grave yard, I felt lot of people're sleeping tentionless where all've to come someday. The sky was cloudy. Bathing in the shine of moon clouds're playing like children who used to play field every afternoon. Once I played with her. But now..! She is far far from me! So far.....!
I saw a rickshawpooler responsing the call of nature sitting beside a drain. Azan of Esha was heard. Muslims went to mosque. When I reached on the bank of the river Kirtonkhola, it seemed to me that lighted moon was swimming in the river. This type of scene I watched with my friends named Ashek, Shakil & Zia on the river Padma at Rajshahi few months ago. Oh! What a similarity it was! I could't believe it. But it was true. At that time my handwatch remembered me about home & I started to back.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

What'll we do after vacasion?!!!!!!!!!!

Watching the heading of today's post any reader may ask what it is. Has sadat no work in varsity?! Actually I failed to find any suitable heading for this topic on what I'm going to say. Yah! Our all students of our varsity are enjoying vacasion with in 38 days. All of them are passing days home where they are safe in family. They're getting nice meal. They use fresh water & clean toilet. But after vacasion what'll we do?! Our hall management gives us colorful water that may be seemed to Miranda for a newcomer of our varsity. Oh! I don't want to remember our hall toilets!!! But the reality is very hard! I've to back hall & to use that dirty toilet! I can't understand about the authority of our varsity. They are very very conscious of manythings. But why they ignore the problems of pure water & healthy toilet, its a mystery!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sleeping & Dreaming

Always our politicians show people dream of leading happiest life if public elect them as government! Most of the politicians think themselves as good men of everything, they've no faults, all faults're being possessed by opposition! Our opposition parties've habit to oppose all deeds of government! As for they call 'Hartal' damaging economy of general people in order to get power to develope their own economy! This very ill political condition has made our country backward. I think fire in bazaar, report of TIB, increasing crime etc are the effective evil results of ill politics. Without reparing sick political condition just by sleeping & dreaming to built 'Sonar Bangla' is really impossible!!!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Fire in bazaar!!!

Yesterday I went to bazaar in order to buy some vegetables. I took only one hundred taka. The amount of money was not so small to make up the demand of vegetables for a family of five/six members for one/two days. As my family has six members inluding me, I went bazaar tentionless to buy four/five items of vegetables. Reaching bazaar it's seemed to me that I'd nothing in my pocket. There was no item that had price under 30 taka. My God! What's this? I's confused that it was fire or cost!!!!
Visiting bazaar our trade minister announced that all costs were in control! Any people might buy anything! Actually closing eyes if we say,'It is night now!' at day time. So what can other do? Nothing!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Change of life in Ramadan

During the time of Ramadan Muslims' lives are quite changed. After taking Sehery they sleep late night. Most of them get up late. They refuse themselves from taking meal. Young & old try to avoid illegal deeds. They do not speak ill speech. Most of the cinema halls are closed. The halls those are open show old movies. We find a decent environment around us always.
At the time of Iftar the change is viewed properly. People enter house to break Roja. Its a kind of get-together party for all family members. It is the most enjoyable time for Muslims who keep Roja.
Hearing the Azan of Esha Muslims go to mosque in order to pray a long prayer named Tarabi Namaze. Most of the men pray it in mosque. But women pray this namaze house. Finishing prayer they all go to bed early to get up early at late night to take Sehery. And that's all the changed life of Muslims during Ramadan.

Monday, October 18, 2004

The story of an afternoon

The river Kirtonkhola.

Now I'm enjoying my Ramadan vacasion. So at present I've nothing to do. Last afternoon I took a decision to watch my city Barisal keenly. I decided my wish would be fulfilled by walking on foot. I started my observation from my home. It was time of Ramadan. So there was no thought of eating. I saw people coming & going beside me. Rickshaws & cars were passing. I found roads of dust. Dustbins were not all nit & clean.
When I was passing my school named Barisal Zilla School, an strange sight came to my view. A bitch was feeding milk its children. There was a competition between the children for being nearest of mother. This type of competition is available in humanbeing. It is often seen that in a family little brother & sister are in quarrel to be closest of their mother.
Now the length of afternoon was small. So my story had come to an end reaching on the bank of river Kirtonkhola. It is the river that is washing the legs of Barisal for a long time. The sun was going to set. Boats & lounches were bathing in the sunshine. Birds were flying. The time of ifter was coming. So I started to back home.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Bad Experience In Barisal Bus Station

Yesterday I came my home town Barisal by bus. I'd four laguage including PC. When I reached bus station, I'd an unexpected experience. The bus stopped. I got out from bus looking for a rickshaw in order to take myself with laguage. Suddenly I found a man who took out my laguage without my permission. I asked him who he was. He replied me that he was a labour. When I asked him about permission, strangely he said to me that it was a rule i.e. when a bus comes to station, like him some people enter bus & take laguage out and then demand cost for it to passengers. The man demanded me fifty taka. The amount was very large than his labour. I told him that. He angrily opposed me. Moreover he announced if I would not give him money, I could not go home. I's looking for security. I told it other people. But I found nothing beside me. At last giving 15 taka I'd to leave out.
I can't understand. What is this? What is happing around us?

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Long vacasion of mine

Today the administration of our varsity has announced a very long vacasion for students & all. Actually the holy ramadan is coming soon. Beside this durga pooja will be started with in a week. So all these occations have given us an opportunity to enjoy vacasion of about two months.
I will go home tommorrow. Many students of our varsity already are on the way of home now. All of them are now in dream to meet family after long time. May Allah save them in journey.
At last to all: HAPPY RAMADAN!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Continue your blogging

Blogging is a kind of habit through which anyone may express his/her feelings and share it with the whole world. Thousands of bloggers are blogging regularly. Different kinds of thoughts, culture and various topics come to us if we read blogs.
In my native country Bangladesh we have about fifty bloggers. Most of them are young and many of them are students. Reading these blogs I come to know lot of told & untold matters.
But not all bloggers of this country are regular. Because intenet facilities are not available. Using cyber cafe is costly. So like me many bloggers of Bangladesh fail to continue blogging though they have desire to continue. At last I want to say, Try to continue blogging as your best.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Who is right?

Present government of Bangladesh completed three years in power. They commented themselves as successful. They think during these three years they could manage everything well enough. They also think Bangladesh is going to be rich by the leading of BNP.
On the other hand, The main opposition Awami League (AL) commented that our current government failed totally. During these three years costs of everything were increased alarmingly. Number of crime was increasing. Bangladesh has lost happiness!
Now the question is 'Who is right?' Who will be believed by general people? BNP? or AL? Answer is- I'm totally confused!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Effect of ill politics

It is true that politics can do well for a democratic country if it is well. But if it is ill, it may be most harmful for a country. At present politics of Bangladesh is not well as it should be. As a result we're going to backward when other go forward. We fight internally. Our unity is now at a broken condition. Our economy is not developed. Still now we're dependent on foreign relief. I think no politicians have any thought about country except power. Their destination is only one & that is governmental power. Government want to in power forever. The opposition wants to make them powerless. But they both are not thinking about prosperity of the country. Amazing! They just like to think about themselves not for general people. Really it is our bad luck. But we've to do positive immediately. Because we love our country very much.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Politics in Bangladesh

I'm very much disappointed with the present political condition of Bangaldesh. What is the motto of politicians of this poor country? I am confused about their speech till my boyhood. They always speak they are beside public. Their all political activities are being done for public welfare. They're thinking about public. I dont't know they are right or wrong. They're may be anything. I believe myself what I see with my own eyes. At present two big political parties are in excited condition. One party call public for Hartal. Another tell people to oppose it. Perhaps this hot politics can't do anything better for general people. Public always be hampered by political excitement although they want it or not. This ill politics makes our economy broken to more broken. When other country think about national development, we ourselves fight together at that time. But it should be changed immadiately unless our existence may be destroyed.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Frustration of young

Young of today are the future of tomorrow. So they are the hope of nation. But it is our misfortune that many young boys/girls are full of frustration instead of inspiration. They become aimless, crazy & hopeless. Most of them are addicted to smoking, drinking & various drugs. Day after day they are going to be destroyed.
Now the question-why are they frustrated? Answer may be narrated from different points of view. Failure & lose are common words to define the situation. There is a proverb, weal & woe come by turns. But it is hard for young to tolerate this. For lack of patience they become very much disappointed when they fail any field. I think lost love is one of the main problems of young. Bad relation between parents is a cause of frustration. Long distance between demand & achievement can grow frustration.
What is the solution of this problems? Perhaps no particular answer will be found. just one thing can be commented we should have keep patience. Thinking power should be increased. Useless anger must be removed. I know it is easy to say but difficult to do, but not impossible. If it is done, then we may hope,'We shall overcome someday!'

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Hi everybody! How are you? Hope you fine. Today I'm going to write my 25th blog. It's a quarter century! But yet no wicket has been fallen! Now I'll tell you my experience that I acquired through my past posts. Perhaps it may be boring. So please don't mind.
Actually I was in dark about blogging & blog world. One day I heard one of my friends wrote regularly in e-net through his website. Then a desire was grown in my mind-I would like to write in internet. At that time I'd an idea that wabsite making was costly. As I'm a poor student, I left the wish of writing.
Once I saw a website with exclusive writings named 'Close your eyes and try to see' in our varsity central computer lab. I was glad to know that the maker of this site is one of the students of our class. And he was Rifat. This bosom friend of mine helped me lot to open a blog and modify it. Thanks Rifat! Thank you very much!!
It is really amazing that unknown people read my blog. They not only read but also comment. When I got first comment on my blog, I can't express my feelings at that time. I was to glad too speak. So thank you all & LOVE U ALL!!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Administration building of RUET

Today, 1st September, 2004, the first Varsity Day of RUET where I study. Do you know the meaning of RUET? It refers to Rajshahi University of Engineering & technology. It was established as engineering college in 1964. Then it was converted to BIT (Bangladesh Institute of Technology), Rajshahi. Last year this institute came out to our view as RUET. Today we're going to celebrate for passing a year of glory as varsity student.

Department of EEE (my dept.)

One year had passed. Now we've to think about our achievements through one year. Actually it's our bad luck, some facilities like internet in hall, sufficient books of variuos subjects, exclusive ID card, well constructed high road etc are not so increasing as our expectation. But it's a matter of hope that our administration is taking steps to solve all of our problems. Moreover just one year time is not enough to remove all faults & difficulties of a varsity. So we've to wait.

One of our labs

When I's a student of 1st semester one of our professors commented-"Institute never glorify students, students may glorify institute". So now we've to think about the way through which we make proud of RUET. Because we love our RUET very much.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

A Portion From Rabindra poetry

Stray Birds

Stray birds of summer come to my window to sing and fly away.
And yellow leaves of autumn, which have no songs, flutter and
fall there with a sigh.

O troupe of little vagrants of the world, leave your footprints
in my words.

The world puts off its mask of vastness to its lover.
It becomes small as one song, as one kiss of the eternal.

It is the tears of the earth that keep her smiles in bloom.

The mighty desert is burning for the love of a blade of grass who
shakes her head and laughs and flies away.................

### Rabindranath

Monday, August 23, 2004

Know about tourism

Tourism may be classified into the following types:
Inbound international tourism: Visits to a country by nonresident of that country
Outbound international tourism: Visits by the residents of a country to another country
Internal tourism: Visits by residents of a country to their own
Domestic tourism: Inbound international tourism + internal tourism
National tourism: Internal tourists + outbound international tourism

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


The world of blog is vast. Here lot of known/unknown people express their feelings on various topics. Blog readers are not small in number. They read and comment on blog. One like a blog, another may not like that. This matter is viewed to us by reading their comments.
Recently one matter is seen. And that is lack of patience on comment writing. Sometimes commentators are engaged in debating against each others' comments. Debating & discussion is not bad. But if you use slang words and language through debating. Then it may lose beauty. But blogging world is not ugly. It is full of thoughts, its the way through that we may dream, we may fly in different worlds & different feelings-sky. So don't spoil blog by writing useless comment of slang words.
The upper topic will be clear to viewers if you visit the comment portion of this blog:

Friday, August 13, 2004

Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is a common event for e-users. It is a type of crime that may cause harm to human manner and wealth. It should've an end. But still it is increasing.
Virus attack is the most common trouble for net-browsers. Sometimes powerful virus may damage all systems of an e-institution. Actually virus developers are very sharp programmers. They use their talent to evil e-deed. If they use it to human welfare, then internet would've a lot of super power and super communication system.
Chatting is very interesting to all. In the time of chatting many use phone and webcam. Meaningful chatting is hopeful, but meaningless chatting leads to unexpected excitement. Now the question is-what is meaningless chat? I think when libidinous words are used, nude pictures (live or still) are sent between users, then that type of chatting may be commented as meaningless. Therefore there is no need to chat unwisely.
It's an age of communication. People should be more informative. Avoiding cyber crime one may do better in e-world, isn't it?

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I like traveling

"Tourism is the act of trave for the purpose of recreation and business, and the provision of services for this act. Tourists are persons who are "travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited." The distance between these two places is of no significance." I like traveling? Do you like it?

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Wanna create your tombstone before your death?

Look at the upper image. It is my tombstone(!),though I'm still alive. Do you want to make your tombstone before your death? You have a nice oppotunity here to create a tombstone instantly. Check this out.
Special thanks to my friend Rifat.

Sunday, August 01, 2004


Today is The World Friendship Day. A day of friends and friendship. Actually I think friendship is a kind of sweet relation that wants from you nothing but company where we may get no demand of wealth. Only in friendship no selfishness works. Sorry and thanks have no place in friendship.
All should try to be really friendly with his/her friends by soul. One may fun, make jokes with friends. But none should mock. Care should be noted that no friend would be hurt by rough behavior. Be friendly and love all.
Its a matter of sorrow that there is someone who forgets his/her past friends when he/she gets new one or more. This type of behave is really pitiful. Basically this type of man is not in real friendship. He/she just act like actor/actress. This is not real friendship, its mocking.
Don't forget old friends, make new friends.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

First Love

Can anyone forget his/her first love of life? Perhapes not. A man may forget any event of his life if he wants. But he cannot forget his first love if he tries hundred times. I know not all love stories have perfect ending. Though end is not everything. End after end. Actually love has no end. It is just like oscean that is endless.
Today I will tell you a true story. It was five years ago. At that time a boy was in class eight(grade=8). Suppose his name was Roky. At this age people know little what love is. But they want to know. Like them Roky wanted to know. He liked a girl of class seven(grade=7) named Tani(suppose). That time all moments of Roky were passing by thinking of her. Once suddenly Roky proposed her. Tani agreed him. And they began to fly in the world of dream.
But oneday their communicantion had been fallen into a big unexpecting gap. Though time was passing, they could not forget each other. After three years they met together. Still they are in love. But they don't know future, they are beside each other forever becoming friends.
Actually none can forget first love. U cannot. I cannot. None can.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Try To Love All

Look at the upper image. It is full of love. Here both enemies kiss each other. Actually they share love together. Animal can forgive. Why human cannot? Try to love all even your enemy.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Recent Bangladeshi Movies

What is movie? The answer of this question may be expressed in various ways. Movie is a source of recreation. It can be commented as a mirror that may reflect human life to viewers. But lamp has light upper and dark lower. A movie can do harm to watcher if it is full of unwise sex and violence. And it is deeply pitiful that most recent playing Bangladeshi movies are full of useless sex and unwise story. This type movie may influence young to do evil deed. As a result number of crimers may be increased.

But a good movie can teach people lot by presenting wise art, true history and reality of life. Actually not all recent Bangladeshi movies are meaningless. Some nice movies are being produced, such as, MATIR MOINA. But they are very small in number. All artists of film world of Bangladesh should come forward to make wise story based movie that may give us not only recreation but also lessons.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Have you ever seen fox? It is a small & very clever animal. Moreover it is commented as a popular animal. In many stories various writers have used fox as different characters. When I was a child my late grandfather(NANA VAI) told me lot of stories based on fox. At that time several idea about fox grew in my mind. Fox is a kind of thief. It likes eggs. It can make trouble for man etc, etc & etc. So I had a desire to see fox face to face. Though I saw it zoo. But I wanted to see real & wild.
A few days ago my hope was filled up by nature. It was night. In campus of RUET I was talking by cell phone with my friend of IR in DU, at that time I found a small animal standing near me. Observing keenly I sured that it was a fox. I told it to my friend. She was laughing and I was watching. After sometimes the fox ran away.

Sunday, July 11, 2004


Dhaka varsity is one of the famous varsities of the world. About 30 thousand students study here. Of them a big portion is female. They have dream to be established. They hope better environment of study here. But do they get that? They get something what is not proper of expectation. Moreover insulting manner by few boys makes their mind pitiful. But this is not hopped.
Recently a news published on some newspapers about girl blackmailing of that varisty makes me disappointed much. The news tells that a female student was blackmailed by her lover. Making emotional situation the girl's lover took her bed and all bedscenes were vedioed . Then the evillover made the C.D. published through market and he left country. Now what the girl will do? She can't lead her life normally. Perhapes she may suiside. Question is who will responsible for that?
The administration of Dhaka varsity should take steps to save girl from further blackmailing immadiately. Beside this, both male & female students should be keep decent. Love is universal. None should spoil that by going bed before marriage. All should keep patience. I think desire for doing better of nativeland is more important than to make useless affair. So we should study well and dream to make SONAR BANGLA.

Saturday, July 10, 2004


If anyone is asked the upper heading as a question outside Bangladesh, he/she may consider the asker as a mad or a joker. But here now this is not a matter of joke. In Bangladesh our history is changing after per five years. Though it is strange but true.
1971. The most glorious year of our life. Our Independent war was happened this year.We have lost a lot through lives, blood & honour. But we get a free motherland BANGLADESH.
It is our bad luck that we, the young can't know the real history of '71 what should be known to all must. In school life I know that, what is being changed in college life. In varsity life I learn another. So like me many are in deep problem about the real history of Bangladesh. What is true/false?
Our text books do not give us right idea. When government is changed, the idea of text is also changed. So our future is growing up with flexible known history of nativeland. It is really pitiful for us. Immadiately we should do something.

Sunday, July 04, 2004


Are we going to lose our freedom of speech? Why journalists are being killed one by one? But where is judgement? Perhapes the answer of all these questions is "I DON'T KNOW".
Bangladesh is an independent country since 16 December, 1971. So here all should have right to speech freely. Journalists should have so. Their duty is to show all black & dark of society through pen. None should try to prevent them for expressing true. But this is not happened. They are being prevented. Many journalists are being tortured and many were killed. Journalist Cable, Mukul, Manik and recently killed Balu etc are examples of hitted journalism.
Actually this is very bad for country. Moreover no judgement has yet been hold for any of these killings. Now outside world may consider us a country of speech without freedom. Our Government should think about this immadiately. Because already we have lost a lot.

Monday, June 28, 2004


We know that newspaper is the mirror of society. So it is generally hoped that no wrong information will be printed in newspaper. Because a powerful public media can hamper any stage of life with unwise incorrect information. In Bangldesh we have many newspapers. Not all are popular. Some of them are very wellread in people. Really people expect good and right news through renowed newspaper. But often mistakes take place on their page. I can give a small information. Yesterday the news of publishing result of SSC exam came in all newspapers of Bangladesh. Really it is a good news. But problem is the number of obtainers A+. Reading newspapers I ask myself, how many student did get A+? Various newspaper gave me various news. INQUILAB tells me about 9866. PROTHM-ALO tells me the number is about 8986. Question is-who is wright? Answer is-I don't know.
It is really funny of variation of news though the event is the same. I just give you a very small idea. But this matter is not small. It is very important. All should think about that.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Libel // The Black

Writing is an art when it represents truth & beauty . Writer should show us depth of life , crime of day and various glorious moments of history . A writing may be heartwinner when it doesn't hurt anyone unwisely . If it is used for attacking anyone to satisfy the need of otherone , then that written substance is not be considered as writing , it can be commmented as libel . In literature libel has no value . A libel writer may win just for a moment , but loss forever . So it should be tried to avoid libel .

Thursday, June 24, 2004


From the very fast day of creation world men want to be happy . At that time technology was not so improved as today . Man just work and live . They might hope to be happy . Now at the time of developed technology men should be more dreamy to be happy . Because they are not in so hard industry as like past by the blessing of science .So they should be happy . But do they can ? Perhaps not .

Sudden Feelings

Rifat , a new comer of varsity , viewing an unknown female student with sweet smile felt something that he can't explain . But he wants . Watched girl has been coming through his feelings in sense or unsense condition . But why ? Strangely passing somedays his feelings lost intensity . His dream becomes feelingsless about the viewed girl . Actually this is not real feelings . It can be commented as sudden feelings that may take place in most young hearts .

Friday, June 18, 2004

Have We Lost Our UNITY ?

1971 . The year of our liberation war . Attacked by Pakistati . Torture ! Rape ! Murder ! Blood & blood ! Lives & lives ! We've lost a lot !! But one thing is remaining . And that is unity-the power . Fighting nine months at last 16 december 1971 we've won . A newborn country BANGLADESH took place on the map of the world .
2004 . The year of nomination "Failed Country" of the universe and losing the post of secretary of OIC . What is happing ? Why're we being rebuked ? We fail . We should try to overcome complex condition together . But we don't . Why ? Have we lost our unity ? Now we need right decision at right time . Ill politics makes us backward when others are in forward . May be it is the main cause of breaking base of unity . So our politicians need to be conscious . They should give up their narrow mentality about each other . I hope they will be united for the welfare of the country .

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Smile is a kind of medicine that may treat better than a doctor sometimes not for a patient but for all beings. Sweet smile of darling is really deep expecting. Hope it acts like magic of Aladdin that can do anything simple of complexity in any hard & fast situation. So keep yourself jolly and present you to all with sweet smile. That makes you smart. Take any condition easy. Smile! Do you wanna to be alive for a long time on this beautiful earth? If your answer is ya,then be smilly. Smile will help your heart very very well for long long period. Don't be angry with anyone. If you have a bad habit to rebuke.You must give up that. Actually behaviour with sweet smile can make you most loving to all. So love u all. Smile!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2004


I don't like gloomy sky. But I like rain. I like to watch rain falling cats & dogs. Rainy touch is really deep expecting-gift for all from nature. We've rainy season consisting of three months in Bangladesh. Yet our agriculture is basically dependent on rain. Sweet smile of thousands of people depends on fresh rain. Greenary of this country is the great contribution of nature through rain.
Bangldesh is called the Land of River. During summer most of the rivers become weak & sick for the lack of water flowing. But in rainy season rivers come in condition of full youth. Rain gives them life-bearing spirit. Have you ever seen moving boat with boatman singing? I've seen boat and its mover. But boatman's song is not yet heared except immagination.
Rain can wash nature and remove dust from environment. It makes our sky clear and clean. Sometimes I enjoy thinking of rain as a immaginary natural power that would make our life without sorrow and with joy & joy by washing and removing all bad and blacks of life and life. Is it possible? I don't know. I know only hope that may make us dreamed!

Friday, June 11, 2004


Somedays ago someone commented that Bangladesh was the most failed country of the world. I can't support this unwise comment. It is true that Bangladesh has many failures. But she is not most failed. She has lot of success. Her people are working in many important states through world. Her children are playing good in any worldclass competitions as like world cup cricket. Scientist of this country worked in nasa, bel lab. People of us are dreaming to be good. So why is it failed country? It is true that our political situation is not satisfactory. Political parties of us are just looking for power. Most of the called-leaders want to be rich and more to be rich. Actually do they love this country? I don't know . I know their behaviour should be changed. It is pitiful to us when we find the difference between their speech and works. Hope it will be changed someday. Our country is very poor. Leaders know that. But they give hartal thats damage our economy.In most of hartals lives and wealth are hampered. Foreign media know that.They show it to world. And Bangladesh became failed country. Is it fair? I don't know.I think just for sick political condition the image of this country is now in trouble. So I request to all political leaders, plz save our mom, our motherland BANGLADESH!

Monday, June 07, 2004

What is LOVE ?

I think the above heading is the most mysterious question of the world. Probably no solution of the question is yet found. But some partial answers have been got. Someone says love is just to be better leading of life. Another says love is nothing but sex. Other says love is only love. Can you define it properly? Many famous men had failed to note love expectively. Our Noble winner poet Rabindranath tells that he wants that, what is mistake, what he gets, but that is not
wanted. Same to us. Many of us don't know what they want. But they want and fail to get. Unfortunately disheartendness enter in mind of many without knowing themselves. It is generally happened in young life. The young want to know the definition of love. They are looking for and for. At last they get something but that can't satisfy their thrusts. Strange! Really it is.........
How do young enjoy love? Just gossiping. Then eating and taking something in restaurants. Using cell phone. In concious or unconcious mind flowing in kissing and so on........But their base of love is not as much deep as it should be. So for many little causes may damage young love. Now it may be asked that is it love or infatuation. May be one. I don't know.
Now-a-days a new type of love is discovered in the heart of young! It may be defined as NET-LOVE. Whats that? Love that is covered by net!! E-mail, Chatting, Voice Chatting etc etc are the main jobs(!) of young browsers. They chat and chat with known and unknown ID. Though most of the IDs are not real, they chat. Chattings sometimes in some hearts grows e-love. But in most cases this love becomes valueless after viewing image of both. So is it love? I don't know. Do you know ?

Friday, May 28, 2004

Hi Everybody

Hi everybody ! I'm Sadat Shahriar who is a student of RUET in the dept. of EEE. I was born in Barisal that is a district of green Bangladesh. My school and college lives were passed in homedistrict. But for completation higher study to be engg. I had to come to The City of Education Rajshahi. At the very first time I was feeling very lonely here. I think most of the students would feel that. And I was right. At last I got some friends of same mentality of mine here. Then I stated enjoying Rajshahi. Every evening I with my friends used to go to on the bank of Padma. Here this river has no parmanent current.But it has parmanent natural beauty. I will write soon about my friends and Padma in blog. From my boyhood I have a soft corner in my heart for literature and debating. I like poem, short story, novel and drama. I also like reciting. Sometimes I like to write something. I have some published short stories,poem ,scientific and general articles. But all these are written in Bangla language. I can remember my first story. Its name is TUMPA'R FUL DIA in Bangla. In English it can be intoduced to all as FLOWER GIVING OF TUMPA. This short story was published in March,1998 in DAILY JANAKANTHA that is a very popular newspaper in Bangladesh. At present I've more than 75 publications. My last publication is a short story based on RUET named MOU MOU VALOBASHA in a digital magazine of RUET named EXPLORE. You know most of my publications in my native language. I've a desire to translate all my writings in English in blog for all my viewers. Thats all for today. Love u all.