Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Change of life in Ramadan

During the time of Ramadan Muslims' lives are quite changed. After taking Sehery they sleep late night. Most of them get up late. They refuse themselves from taking meal. Young & old try to avoid illegal deeds. They do not speak ill speech. Most of the cinema halls are closed. The halls those are open show old movies. We find a decent environment around us always.
At the time of Iftar the change is viewed properly. People enter house to break Roja. Its a kind of get-together party for all family members. It is the most enjoyable time for Muslims who keep Roja.
Hearing the Azan of Esha Muslims go to mosque in order to pray a long prayer named Tarabi Namaze. Most of the men pray it in mosque. But women pray this namaze house. Finishing prayer they all go to bed early to get up early at late night to take Sehery. And that's all the changed life of Muslims during Ramadan.