Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Politics in Bangladesh

I'm very much disappointed with the present political condition of Bangaldesh. What is the motto of politicians of this poor country? I am confused about their speech till my boyhood. They always speak they are beside public. Their all political activities are being done for public welfare. They're thinking about public. I dont't know they are right or wrong. They're may be anything. I believe myself what I see with my own eyes. At present two big political parties are in excited condition. One party call public for Hartal. Another tell people to oppose it. Perhaps this hot politics can't do anything better for general people. Public always be hampered by political excitement although they want it or not. This ill politics makes our economy broken to more broken. When other country think about national development, we ourselves fight together at that time. But it should be changed immadiately unless our existence may be destroyed.