Thursday, September 23, 2004

Frustration of young

Young of today are the future of tomorrow. So they are the hope of nation. But it is our misfortune that many young boys/girls are full of frustration instead of inspiration. They become aimless, crazy & hopeless. Most of them are addicted to smoking, drinking & various drugs. Day after day they are going to be destroyed.
Now the question-why are they frustrated? Answer may be narrated from different points of view. Failure & lose are common words to define the situation. There is a proverb, weal & woe come by turns. But it is hard for young to tolerate this. For lack of patience they become very much disappointed when they fail any field. I think lost love is one of the main problems of young. Bad relation between parents is a cause of frustration. Long distance between demand & achievement can grow frustration.
What is the solution of this problems? Perhaps no particular answer will be found. just one thing can be commented we should have keep patience. Thinking power should be increased. Useless anger must be removed. I know it is easy to say but difficult to do, but not impossible. If it is done, then we may hope,'We shall overcome someday!'