Monday, June 28, 2004


We know that newspaper is the mirror of society. So it is generally hoped that no wrong information will be printed in newspaper. Because a powerful public media can hamper any stage of life with unwise incorrect information. In Bangldesh we have many newspapers. Not all are popular. Some of them are very wellread in people. Really people expect good and right news through renowed newspaper. But often mistakes take place on their page. I can give a small information. Yesterday the news of publishing result of SSC exam came in all newspapers of Bangladesh. Really it is a good news. But problem is the number of obtainers A+. Reading newspapers I ask myself, how many student did get A+? Various newspaper gave me various news. INQUILAB tells me about 9866. PROTHM-ALO tells me the number is about 8986. Question is-who is wright? Answer is-I don't know.
It is really funny of variation of news though the event is the same. I just give you a very small idea. But this matter is not small. It is very important. All should think about that.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Libel // The Black

Writing is an art when it represents truth & beauty . Writer should show us depth of life , crime of day and various glorious moments of history . A writing may be heartwinner when it doesn't hurt anyone unwisely . If it is used for attacking anyone to satisfy the need of otherone , then that written substance is not be considered as writing , it can be commmented as libel . In literature libel has no value . A libel writer may win just for a moment , but loss forever . So it should be tried to avoid libel .

Thursday, June 24, 2004


From the very fast day of creation world men want to be happy . At that time technology was not so improved as today . Man just work and live . They might hope to be happy . Now at the time of developed technology men should be more dreamy to be happy . Because they are not in so hard industry as like past by the blessing of science .So they should be happy . But do they can ? Perhaps not .

Sudden Feelings

Rifat , a new comer of varsity , viewing an unknown female student with sweet smile felt something that he can't explain . But he wants . Watched girl has been coming through his feelings in sense or unsense condition . But why ? Strangely passing somedays his feelings lost intensity . His dream becomes feelingsless about the viewed girl . Actually this is not real feelings . It can be commented as sudden feelings that may take place in most young hearts .

Friday, June 18, 2004

Have We Lost Our UNITY ?

1971 . The year of our liberation war . Attacked by Pakistati . Torture ! Rape ! Murder ! Blood & blood ! Lives & lives ! We've lost a lot !! But one thing is remaining . And that is unity-the power . Fighting nine months at last 16 december 1971 we've won . A newborn country BANGLADESH took place on the map of the world .
2004 . The year of nomination "Failed Country" of the universe and losing the post of secretary of OIC . What is happing ? Why're we being rebuked ? We fail . We should try to overcome complex condition together . But we don't . Why ? Have we lost our unity ? Now we need right decision at right time . Ill politics makes us backward when others are in forward . May be it is the main cause of breaking base of unity . So our politicians need to be conscious . They should give up their narrow mentality about each other . I hope they will be united for the welfare of the country .

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Smile is a kind of medicine that may treat better than a doctor sometimes not for a patient but for all beings. Sweet smile of darling is really deep expecting. Hope it acts like magic of Aladdin that can do anything simple of complexity in any hard & fast situation. So keep yourself jolly and present you to all with sweet smile. That makes you smart. Take any condition easy. Smile! Do you wanna to be alive for a long time on this beautiful earth? If your answer is ya,then be smilly. Smile will help your heart very very well for long long period. Don't be angry with anyone. If you have a bad habit to rebuke.You must give up that. Actually behaviour with sweet smile can make you most loving to all. So love u all. Smile!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2004


I don't like gloomy sky. But I like rain. I like to watch rain falling cats & dogs. Rainy touch is really deep expecting-gift for all from nature. We've rainy season consisting of three months in Bangladesh. Yet our agriculture is basically dependent on rain. Sweet smile of thousands of people depends on fresh rain. Greenary of this country is the great contribution of nature through rain.
Bangldesh is called the Land of River. During summer most of the rivers become weak & sick for the lack of water flowing. But in rainy season rivers come in condition of full youth. Rain gives them life-bearing spirit. Have you ever seen moving boat with boatman singing? I've seen boat and its mover. But boatman's song is not yet heared except immagination.
Rain can wash nature and remove dust from environment. It makes our sky clear and clean. Sometimes I enjoy thinking of rain as a immaginary natural power that would make our life without sorrow and with joy & joy by washing and removing all bad and blacks of life and life. Is it possible? I don't know. I know only hope that may make us dreamed!

Friday, June 11, 2004


Somedays ago someone commented that Bangladesh was the most failed country of the world. I can't support this unwise comment. It is true that Bangladesh has many failures. But she is not most failed. She has lot of success. Her people are working in many important states through world. Her children are playing good in any worldclass competitions as like world cup cricket. Scientist of this country worked in nasa, bel lab. People of us are dreaming to be good. So why is it failed country? It is true that our political situation is not satisfactory. Political parties of us are just looking for power. Most of the called-leaders want to be rich and more to be rich. Actually do they love this country? I don't know . I know their behaviour should be changed. It is pitiful to us when we find the difference between their speech and works. Hope it will be changed someday. Our country is very poor. Leaders know that. But they give hartal thats damage our economy.In most of hartals lives and wealth are hampered. Foreign media know that.They show it to world. And Bangladesh became failed country. Is it fair? I don't know.I think just for sick political condition the image of this country is now in trouble. So I request to all political leaders, plz save our mom, our motherland BANGLADESH!

Monday, June 07, 2004

What is LOVE ?

I think the above heading is the most mysterious question of the world. Probably no solution of the question is yet found. But some partial answers have been got. Someone says love is just to be better leading of life. Another says love is nothing but sex. Other says love is only love. Can you define it properly? Many famous men had failed to note love expectively. Our Noble winner poet Rabindranath tells that he wants that, what is mistake, what he gets, but that is not
wanted. Same to us. Many of us don't know what they want. But they want and fail to get. Unfortunately disheartendness enter in mind of many without knowing themselves. It is generally happened in young life. The young want to know the definition of love. They are looking for and for. At last they get something but that can't satisfy their thrusts. Strange! Really it is.........
How do young enjoy love? Just gossiping. Then eating and taking something in restaurants. Using cell phone. In concious or unconcious mind flowing in kissing and so on........But their base of love is not as much deep as it should be. So for many little causes may damage young love. Now it may be asked that is it love or infatuation. May be one. I don't know.
Now-a-days a new type of love is discovered in the heart of young! It may be defined as NET-LOVE. Whats that? Love that is covered by net!! E-mail, Chatting, Voice Chatting etc etc are the main jobs(!) of young browsers. They chat and chat with known and unknown ID. Though most of the IDs are not real, they chat. Chattings sometimes in some hearts grows e-love. But in most cases this love becomes valueless after viewing image of both. So is it love? I don't know. Do you know ?