Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My Life in a Circle!!!!!!!

After a long vacation my class has been started a week ago. Now I'm passing a boring life that can be commented as a circle. Every early morning I get up from bed. Then going to toilet I face a long line of students. After sometimes I go to class. Most of the time I fail to take my breakfast due to lack of time. With hunger I attend sessonal classes, lectures, classtests etc. Three hours long sessonal classes make me so tired that I want to leave lectures of teachers. But I can't. Getting a short tea break I do class till noon. Going back I take meal & then go to sleep. Every afternoon I with friends go to Kazla, a place beside Rajshahi varsity. Eating something we back rooms. And then study till midnight. Everyday all these sequences come to my varsity life as a circle. I think most of the engineering students have to face boring lives like me. Perhaps it is natural!!! So I've to carry on this circle life though I want it or not!!!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

My friends! I miss u all!!!

Today I will not write anything. Now I will show some photos of my friends and favorite sir/madam including me. All these images sometimes fall me in nostalgia that were so so so sweet days! My friends! Most of you are now too far from me but not from heart!!

At last day of college with Sahid sir.

With our best teacher Dul-a-Shari madam whom we called MOM.

Birthday of Sanjoy.

I really miss u all! LOVE U ALL!!!
Courtesy for photos: Doctor(in future) Rakib Rahman.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Eid has gone away!!!!!!!!!!!

The biggest Muslims' festival EID has gone. Now all have to back to join jobs. Last month totally I spent with my family Baisal that is my home city with great joy. Next week I've to back Rajshahi where is my varsity. Again class, sessonal, exam & exam.............boring.......most boring!!! But the reality is so hard. I must have to back if I wanna be an engineer. So what can I do? just to back.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

EID MUBARAK!!!!!!!!!!

Few hours ago it was announced that Eid , the biggest Muslims’ festival, will be held day after tomorrow. So EID MUBARAK!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Eid & RAB

Eid, The biggest Muslim festival, is knocking at the door. So most of the people of town & city are eager to back home to meet relatives in order to enjoy Eid together. They are to use various transports for journey of going to family. But all the transport stations make them disheartened by announcing the lack of tickets. The authority of ticket selling says to people that they have no tickets. All had been sold. It’s a mystery that if you offer them extra money they may give you tickets. How is it possible? Is it a magic? May be or may not be. But the mystery should be discovered immediately. For this RAB may help us. So our all transport stations should be controlled by RAB immediately during this Eid season.

Monday, November 08, 2004

About Blogging in Daily Jugantor

Have you seen today’s Daily Jugantor that is one of the best national newspapers of Bangladesh? Surprisingly I found my blog address on a page of that renowed newspaper few hours ago this morning. Actually this daily has published a science & technology based page named ‘Jugantor-dot-com’ today. In this page a writer named ‘Tanjila Nusrat’ wrote about blogging. The name of the article of her in Bangla ‘Blogging // Tottho-Probaher Sadhinota’. Really it is nice writing. If you get time don’t forget to read & enjoy the mentioned article.
But there is a problem! You can’t get the page ‘Jugantor-dot-com’ in the website of Daily Jugantor. Strangely in e-version the authority of that national newspaper don’t add that page! They should add it immediately. So you have to buy a copy of today’s Jugantor from hokker if you want to know about blogging.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Enjoying Sad Songs at Night

I like night. Night is the best time for me to enjoy through study, writing, reading, watching and others. Silence of night helps me lot to think on any matter deeply without facing any noise what hampers my thoughts at day time.
It was 12-30 o'clock last night. My all family members're sleeping except me. I's enjoying sad songs what're Bengali. Tune made nostalgia. The room where I stayed are carring lots of well & woe moments of mine. I completed S.S.C & H.S.C living this room. Some writings're written by me here. I wrote my first published Bengali story sitting beside a table. And first love letter! It was not for me but for one of my friend who requested me to write a love letter for him in order to win the mind of a cute girl. Yes! he did it! He got her. But I failed myself. Strange....! Very strange....! No. Just nostalgia!!!!