Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My Life in a Circle!!!!!!!

After a long vacation my class has been started a week ago. Now I'm passing a boring life that can be commented as a circle. Every early morning I get up from bed. Then going to toilet I face a long line of students. After sometimes I go to class. Most of the time I fail to take my breakfast due to lack of time. With hunger I attend sessonal classes, lectures, classtests etc. Three hours long sessonal classes make me so tired that I want to leave lectures of teachers. But I can't. Getting a short tea break I do class till noon. Going back I take meal & then go to sleep. Every afternoon I with friends go to Kazla, a place beside Rajshahi varsity. Eating something we back rooms. And then study till midnight. Everyday all these sequences come to my varsity life as a circle. I think most of the engineering students have to face boring lives like me. Perhaps it is natural!!! So I've to carry on this circle life though I want it or not!!!!!!