Saturday, October 30, 2004

Walking in a moonlit night

River & moon meet together in a moonlit night.

From my very boyhood I've a habit of walking. Actually walking gives me a large opportunity to observe different people & various lives of them. Moreover, often my pocket is a blank folder, so I've to walk. Have you ever enjoyed a moonlit night through walking? I enjoyed last night.
Going out of house I found a round moon east sky shining smooth shine. It was 7-30 o'clock at night. During this time of Ramadan I got few people street. Vehicles were small in number. I's walking. Suddenly a nightbird's passing over me. I's afraid. A dog was barking. When I's passing beside a grave yard, I felt lot of people're sleeping tentionless where all've to come someday. The sky was cloudy. Bathing in the shine of moon clouds're playing like children who used to play field every afternoon. Once I played with her. But now..! She is far far from me! So far.....!
I saw a rickshawpooler responsing the call of nature sitting beside a drain. Azan of Esha was heard. Muslims went to mosque. When I reached on the bank of the river Kirtonkhola, it seemed to me that lighted moon was swimming in the river. This type of scene I watched with my friends named Ashek, Shakil & Zia on the river Padma at Rajshahi few months ago. Oh! What a similarity it was! I could't believe it. But it was true. At that time my handwatch remembered me about home & I started to back.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

What'll we do after vacasion?!!!!!!!!!!

Watching the heading of today's post any reader may ask what it is. Has sadat no work in varsity?! Actually I failed to find any suitable heading for this topic on what I'm going to say. Yah! Our all students of our varsity are enjoying vacasion with in 38 days. All of them are passing days home where they are safe in family. They're getting nice meal. They use fresh water & clean toilet. But after vacasion what'll we do?! Our hall management gives us colorful water that may be seemed to Miranda for a newcomer of our varsity. Oh! I don't want to remember our hall toilets!!! But the reality is very hard! I've to back hall & to use that dirty toilet! I can't understand about the authority of our varsity. They are very very conscious of manythings. But why they ignore the problems of pure water & healthy toilet, its a mystery!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sleeping & Dreaming

Always our politicians show people dream of leading happiest life if public elect them as government! Most of the politicians think themselves as good men of everything, they've no faults, all faults're being possessed by opposition! Our opposition parties've habit to oppose all deeds of government! As for they call 'Hartal' damaging economy of general people in order to get power to develope their own economy! This very ill political condition has made our country backward. I think fire in bazaar, report of TIB, increasing crime etc are the effective evil results of ill politics. Without reparing sick political condition just by sleeping & dreaming to built 'Sonar Bangla' is really impossible!!!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Fire in bazaar!!!

Yesterday I went to bazaar in order to buy some vegetables. I took only one hundred taka. The amount of money was not so small to make up the demand of vegetables for a family of five/six members for one/two days. As my family has six members inluding me, I went bazaar tentionless to buy four/five items of vegetables. Reaching bazaar it's seemed to me that I'd nothing in my pocket. There was no item that had price under 30 taka. My God! What's this? I's confused that it was fire or cost!!!!
Visiting bazaar our trade minister announced that all costs were in control! Any people might buy anything! Actually closing eyes if we say,'It is night now!' at day time. So what can other do? Nothing!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Change of life in Ramadan

During the time of Ramadan Muslims' lives are quite changed. After taking Sehery they sleep late night. Most of them get up late. They refuse themselves from taking meal. Young & old try to avoid illegal deeds. They do not speak ill speech. Most of the cinema halls are closed. The halls those are open show old movies. We find a decent environment around us always.
At the time of Iftar the change is viewed properly. People enter house to break Roja. Its a kind of get-together party for all family members. It is the most enjoyable time for Muslims who keep Roja.
Hearing the Azan of Esha Muslims go to mosque in order to pray a long prayer named Tarabi Namaze. Most of the men pray it in mosque. But women pray this namaze house. Finishing prayer they all go to bed early to get up early at late night to take Sehery. And that's all the changed life of Muslims during Ramadan.

Monday, October 18, 2004

The story of an afternoon

The river Kirtonkhola.

Now I'm enjoying my Ramadan vacasion. So at present I've nothing to do. Last afternoon I took a decision to watch my city Barisal keenly. I decided my wish would be fulfilled by walking on foot. I started my observation from my home. It was time of Ramadan. So there was no thought of eating. I saw people coming & going beside me. Rickshaws & cars were passing. I found roads of dust. Dustbins were not all nit & clean.
When I was passing my school named Barisal Zilla School, an strange sight came to my view. A bitch was feeding milk its children. There was a competition between the children for being nearest of mother. This type of competition is available in humanbeing. It is often seen that in a family little brother & sister are in quarrel to be closest of their mother.
Now the length of afternoon was small. So my story had come to an end reaching on the bank of river Kirtonkhola. It is the river that is washing the legs of Barisal for a long time. The sun was going to set. Boats & lounches were bathing in the sunshine. Birds were flying. The time of ifter was coming. So I started to back home.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Bad Experience In Barisal Bus Station

Yesterday I came my home town Barisal by bus. I'd four laguage including PC. When I reached bus station, I'd an unexpected experience. The bus stopped. I got out from bus looking for a rickshaw in order to take myself with laguage. Suddenly I found a man who took out my laguage without my permission. I asked him who he was. He replied me that he was a labour. When I asked him about permission, strangely he said to me that it was a rule i.e. when a bus comes to station, like him some people enter bus & take laguage out and then demand cost for it to passengers. The man demanded me fifty taka. The amount was very large than his labour. I told him that. He angrily opposed me. Moreover he announced if I would not give him money, I could not go home. I's looking for security. I told it other people. But I found nothing beside me. At last giving 15 taka I'd to leave out.
I can't understand. What is this? What is happing around us?

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Long vacasion of mine

Today the administration of our varsity has announced a very long vacasion for students & all. Actually the holy ramadan is coming soon. Beside this durga pooja will be started with in a week. So all these occations have given us an opportunity to enjoy vacasion of about two months.
I will go home tommorrow. Many students of our varsity already are on the way of home now. All of them are now in dream to meet family after long time. May Allah save them in journey.
At last to all: HAPPY RAMADAN!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Continue your blogging

Blogging is a kind of habit through which anyone may express his/her feelings and share it with the whole world. Thousands of bloggers are blogging regularly. Different kinds of thoughts, culture and various topics come to us if we read blogs.
In my native country Bangladesh we have about fifty bloggers. Most of them are young and many of them are students. Reading these blogs I come to know lot of told & untold matters.
But not all bloggers of this country are regular. Because intenet facilities are not available. Using cyber cafe is costly. So like me many bloggers of Bangladesh fail to continue blogging though they have desire to continue. At last I want to say, Try to continue blogging as your best.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Who is right?

Present government of Bangladesh completed three years in power. They commented themselves as successful. They think during these three years they could manage everything well enough. They also think Bangladesh is going to be rich by the leading of BNP.
On the other hand, The main opposition Awami League (AL) commented that our current government failed totally. During these three years costs of everything were increased alarmingly. Number of crime was increasing. Bangladesh has lost happiness!
Now the question is 'Who is right?' Who will be believed by general people? BNP? or AL? Answer is- I'm totally confused!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Effect of ill politics

It is true that politics can do well for a democratic country if it is well. But if it is ill, it may be most harmful for a country. At present politics of Bangladesh is not well as it should be. As a result we're going to backward when other go forward. We fight internally. Our unity is now at a broken condition. Our economy is not developed. Still now we're dependent on foreign relief. I think no politicians have any thought about country except power. Their destination is only one & that is governmental power. Government want to in power forever. The opposition wants to make them powerless. But they both are not thinking about prosperity of the country. Amazing! They just like to think about themselves not for general people. Really it is our bad luck. But we've to do positive immediately. Because we love our country very much.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Politics in Bangladesh

I'm very much disappointed with the present political condition of Bangaldesh. What is the motto of politicians of this poor country? I am confused about their speech till my boyhood. They always speak they are beside public. Their all political activities are being done for public welfare. They're thinking about public. I dont't know they are right or wrong. They're may be anything. I believe myself what I see with my own eyes. At present two big political parties are in excited condition. One party call public for Hartal. Another tell people to oppose it. Perhaps this hot politics can't do anything better for general people. Public always be hampered by political excitement although they want it or not. This ill politics makes our economy broken to more broken. When other country think about national development, we ourselves fight together at that time. But it should be changed immadiately unless our existence may be destroyed.