Wednesday, October 27, 2004

What'll we do after vacasion?!!!!!!!!!!

Watching the heading of today's post any reader may ask what it is. Has sadat no work in varsity?! Actually I failed to find any suitable heading for this topic on what I'm going to say. Yah! Our all students of our varsity are enjoying vacasion with in 38 days. All of them are passing days home where they are safe in family. They're getting nice meal. They use fresh water & clean toilet. But after vacasion what'll we do?! Our hall management gives us colorful water that may be seemed to Miranda for a newcomer of our varsity. Oh! I don't want to remember our hall toilets!!! But the reality is very hard! I've to back hall & to use that dirty toilet! I can't understand about the authority of our varsity. They are very very conscious of manythings. But why they ignore the problems of pure water & healthy toilet, its a mystery!!!!!!!!!