Monday, October 18, 2004

The story of an afternoon

The river Kirtonkhola.

Now I'm enjoying my Ramadan vacasion. So at present I've nothing to do. Last afternoon I took a decision to watch my city Barisal keenly. I decided my wish would be fulfilled by walking on foot. I started my observation from my home. It was time of Ramadan. So there was no thought of eating. I saw people coming & going beside me. Rickshaws & cars were passing. I found roads of dust. Dustbins were not all nit & clean.
When I was passing my school named Barisal Zilla School, an strange sight came to my view. A bitch was feeding milk its children. There was a competition between the children for being nearest of mother. This type of competition is available in humanbeing. It is often seen that in a family little brother & sister are in quarrel to be closest of their mother.
Now the length of afternoon was small. So my story had come to an end reaching on the bank of river Kirtonkhola. It is the river that is washing the legs of Barisal for a long time. The sun was going to set. Boats & lounches were bathing in the sunshine. Birds were flying. The time of ifter was coming. So I started to back home.