Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bomb blast.....failed security

I was astonished hearing the news of bomb blast yesterday. About 400 bombs blasted at a time whole country. How is it possible? Where is RAB, Police & DB.........Intelligence and law enforcing agencies? Now it is clear to us that our national security system is seriously injured. Immediately it needs hard & fast treatment.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dream....I dreampt

Some times I like to write in my native language Bangla. Some times I send my so called bangla writings to various news papers. Some times they publish.....some times one of them has been published. In bangla the heading is 'SOPNO.....AMAR DEKHA' . If you get time plz read it.......I am waiting for your comments.........

Monday, August 08, 2005

I miss you.......

I am looking for you
Morning till night,
Night till morning.
Sun shine touches me
I mistake its you,
Hearing birds’ song
I hear your call,
Rain drops makes me
I feel your warm kiss,
Vast blue sky, kites’ fly
Cloud and cloud,
I am looking for you
In crowd.
Walking in a moonlit night
Speaking with stars,
Feeling gentle breeze-touch
I miss you much.

City Life

Destination less journey,
Full of anxiety, full of envy,
An aimless race as life.....
What is city life?
No rest, no peace,
Just run and
Sun rises, rain drops
Birds are singing....but
No time to see....
No time to be wet.......
No time to listen............
Where is time?
Running beside bus, track, rickshaw
Facing traffic jams....jam...jam.
Bill of water,
Bill of gas..........electricity..........
Captures heart.........soul.....aaaaaaah.......
No electricity.....dark ....dark life.....City life!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Congratulations Matiur Rahman!

I am very much glad to know the name of the winners of Magsaysay Award 2005. Famous journalist Matiur Rahman who is the editor of daily Prothom-alo is one of the winners of this award. It’s not only a great honor for him but also the whole nation. Working magnificently though various public welfare fields, writing against all black & dark of society and speaking for making glorious nation Matiur Rahman tries to enrich our country. So he is the most suitable person of getting this award. That’s why selection committee can be thanked.
Perhaps Journalist Matiur Rahman will get about 32 lac taka for winning this award. Now a lot of people think- How will he spend it? It’s his personal affair. But I think the man who is working for the welfare of nation and spending himself & his whole life for Bangladesh, he will spend his award in such a way that our poor sweetest motherland will be happy.
I hope Matiur Rahman will continue his journey of truth. Thanks him again.