Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Congratulations Matiur Rahman!

I am very much glad to know the name of the winners of Magsaysay Award 2005. Famous journalist Matiur Rahman who is the editor of daily Prothom-alo is one of the winners of this award. It’s not only a great honor for him but also the whole nation. Working magnificently though various public welfare fields, writing against all black & dark of society and speaking for making glorious nation Matiur Rahman tries to enrich our country. So he is the most suitable person of getting this award. That’s why selection committee can be thanked.
Perhaps Journalist Matiur Rahman will get about 32 lac taka for winning this award. Now a lot of people think- How will he spend it? It’s his personal affair. But I think the man who is working for the welfare of nation and spending himself & his whole life for Bangladesh, he will spend his award in such a way that our poor sweetest motherland will be happy.
I hope Matiur Rahman will continue his journey of truth. Thanks him again.