Friday, May 27, 2005

My Sweet Bangladesh

Hearing birds’ chirping, getting the kiss of sun I get up from bed everyday. I take light exercise in the corridor of our hall from where sky is vastly seen. Blue sky! Sometimes a few clouds fly, sometimes birds. They all are free. They fly through an independent sky today.
There are three ponds in our RUET campus. When I walk beside them, I find people bathing. Children are bathing with great joy. Some of them jump into water from the branches of trees. What a free movement!
Sometimes I enjoy walking though paddy field. Fresh air touches me. Green nature influences me to be poetic. When air blows, green crops bow down. During winter all these field are empty. Then young boys fly kites there. Kites fly freely in order to reach unknown destination. Sometimes they meet birds.
I like rain though it is rare in Rajshahi. I find great taste into showering under rain water.
Wet nature gives me much pleasure when I see under a wet green leave a bird tries to save itself, children play football and women walk looking for dropped fruits during rain cats & dogs.
Rajshahi is famous for Padma. I go to the bank of this river most of the evenings. A lot of people come there to enjoy their leisure. Gentle breeze blows. Boats move. Trawlers go to the villages situated opposite side of Padma with villagers & workers. Men-women enjoy gossiping. Many of them enjoy walking.
This is a very little portion of our sweet Bangladesh. This is my motherland. I am proud of this country. "Amar sonar bangle ami tomai valobashi!"

Monday, May 16, 2005

I am surprised!!!

I am surprised to read today’s daily star. Do you know why? Because someone has written about my writing there today. Plz click here and read it.
Moreover a written letter of mine has been published in the same issue. Plz click
here if you get time to read it.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mothers' Day!

I Love You Mom!Mom's smiles
can brighten any
moment,Mom's hugs put
joy in all our days,Mom's love
will stay with us
foreverand touch our lives in
precious ways...The
values you've taught,the
care you've given,and the wonderful
love you've
shown,have enriched my
lifein more ways that I can count.I Love you

--Author Unknown

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Debate & Dividing

Before discussing the main topic it’s needed to tell a little bit about me who want to say something that may be meaningless to everybody about debating as I am not specialist in debating. Any way! I like debating. From my boyhood I started to practice it. In school life I got the opportunity for participating national television school debate competition. I was the former captain of Barisal Zilla School Debating Team. At present I am engaged in Debating Society of RUET. Still now I carry on debate practicing. Though in school life I followed the ancient way, so called script based, of debating, mostly now parliamentary format is followed. So I know about both popular formats of debate. Perhaps my knowing may not be proper. Because knowing is endless.
Most of the debate competitions are organized in Dhaka. As because a lot of latent debaters often fail to participate those programs due to lack of time, money & many other facilities. Many educational institutes, outside Dhaka, do not want to sponsor the student-debaters. Sometimes parents’ support is not available. To solve these problems organizers who arrange debate competition in Dhaka should take initiatives immediately for arranging debate contest outside of capital regularly. It is a matter of hope that Bangladesh Debate Federation (BDF) & National Debate Federation (NDF) have come out of Dhaka to organize national type debate competitions through which many talent were identified. If the habit of centralism is given up, then everybody of the world of debate of Bangladesh may be hopeful.
Now-a-days many young debaters neglect the ancient format of debating. I know parliamentary format is more interesting & exciting. But present is based on past. So both the formats should be considered with equal respect. Debate, based on funny topic, may be called as fun-debate that gives a lot of pleasure to the audience. But this type of debate is not in the real formats of debate. Can it be included in a formatted way?
Ours’ have many organizations those work with debate, debaters & debating. It is heard that unfortunately some of those organizations work by deep political influence. I think debate is an art that comes from heart & mind & thoughts where no political influence plays vital role.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

What Should be The Destination of Children?

It is very simple & clear to all that children are the future of country. So they should be grown up through a balanced way where no frustrational material is existed. All of them should have destination of life. They should be brought under the shadow of confidence. They should be taught in such a way that they learn to believe themselves. I think in this case environment plays a vital role. In the environment parents play the main role, then teacher & others’ act is considerable.
Most of the children are mentally weak due to lack of confidence. They are always afraid of many things what they would do easily. Their confidence must be increased otherwise future may not be self-dependent. But how is it possible?
Nothing is impossible. At present most of the schools teach children under unbearable pressure. Now it is a common scene, a child’s weight is less than that of its total text books. During the time of going to school the child can’t bear its school bag what is carried by its father or mother or anyone else. Under such idiotic pressure most of the children lose interest of study. They are afraid of math, English, bangle, history etc. I think the pressure should be decreased. Quality is better than quantity. So huge number of text books are not needed if few books, those have quality, are taught in proper way. Teachers have many responsibilities. They should make study interesting and enjoyable to children. In school most of the teachers like to beat children for punishment. This useless habit must be given up. Children are not criminal. They obey if they are advised nicely. So beating is unwise.
Relation between father and mother is very important for both physical and mental health of a child. If the relation is sweet, the child must be confident for any contest. If there is spoiled relation, the child has a very little bit of possibility to win.
Various contests may play an important role for increasing the mental power of children. For example, Math Olympiad. Through this contest lot of children have become very much confident to solve mathematical problem. Our government should take immediate response to arrange such type of contests. Thanks to the ins & outs of Math Olympiad. This type of arrangement is really praiseworthy.