Friday, May 27, 2005

My Sweet Bangladesh

Hearing birds’ chirping, getting the kiss of sun I get up from bed everyday. I take light exercise in the corridor of our hall from where sky is vastly seen. Blue sky! Sometimes a few clouds fly, sometimes birds. They all are free. They fly through an independent sky today.
There are three ponds in our RUET campus. When I walk beside them, I find people bathing. Children are bathing with great joy. Some of them jump into water from the branches of trees. What a free movement!
Sometimes I enjoy walking though paddy field. Fresh air touches me. Green nature influences me to be poetic. When air blows, green crops bow down. During winter all these field are empty. Then young boys fly kites there. Kites fly freely in order to reach unknown destination. Sometimes they meet birds.
I like rain though it is rare in Rajshahi. I find great taste into showering under rain water.
Wet nature gives me much pleasure when I see under a wet green leave a bird tries to save itself, children play football and women walk looking for dropped fruits during rain cats & dogs.
Rajshahi is famous for Padma. I go to the bank of this river most of the evenings. A lot of people come there to enjoy their leisure. Gentle breeze blows. Boats move. Trawlers go to the villages situated opposite side of Padma with villagers & workers. Men-women enjoy gossiping. Many of them enjoy walking.
This is a very little portion of our sweet Bangladesh. This is my motherland. I am proud of this country. "Amar sonar bangle ami tomai valobashi!"