Sunday, May 01, 2005

What Should be The Destination of Children?

It is very simple & clear to all that children are the future of country. So they should be grown up through a balanced way where no frustrational material is existed. All of them should have destination of life. They should be brought under the shadow of confidence. They should be taught in such a way that they learn to believe themselves. I think in this case environment plays a vital role. In the environment parents play the main role, then teacher & others’ act is considerable.
Most of the children are mentally weak due to lack of confidence. They are always afraid of many things what they would do easily. Their confidence must be increased otherwise future may not be self-dependent. But how is it possible?
Nothing is impossible. At present most of the schools teach children under unbearable pressure. Now it is a common scene, a child’s weight is less than that of its total text books. During the time of going to school the child can’t bear its school bag what is carried by its father or mother or anyone else. Under such idiotic pressure most of the children lose interest of study. They are afraid of math, English, bangle, history etc. I think the pressure should be decreased. Quality is better than quantity. So huge number of text books are not needed if few books, those have quality, are taught in proper way. Teachers have many responsibilities. They should make study interesting and enjoyable to children. In school most of the teachers like to beat children for punishment. This useless habit must be given up. Children are not criminal. They obey if they are advised nicely. So beating is unwise.
Relation between father and mother is very important for both physical and mental health of a child. If the relation is sweet, the child must be confident for any contest. If there is spoiled relation, the child has a very little bit of possibility to win.
Various contests may play an important role for increasing the mental power of children. For example, Math Olympiad. Through this contest lot of children have become very much confident to solve mathematical problem. Our government should take immediate response to arrange such type of contests. Thanks to the ins & outs of Math Olympiad. This type of arrangement is really praiseworthy.