Tuesday, April 26, 2005

No need of censor board!

Have you enjoyed recent released Bangle movie? Anybody may ask me, "Are you joking?" I think most of you will oppose the word "enjoy". Because the man who has a little bit of choice for culture of Bangladesh must give up watching Bangle movie that is mostly story less, senseless, properly education less but full of idiotic, useless & unwise sex & violence. So it is totally impossible to enjoy. Any way! I am confused about the act of censor board that gives permission such type of vulgar movie to play in cinema hall! How is it possible? A well-headed man can’t permit any vulgar movie for playing.
During the time of consideration what were the jobs of the members of the censor board?
Were they sleeping? I am very much surprised when I see a fantastic & artistic movie "MATIR MOINA" was censored but many dirty movies are being released. Lot of questions are being raised for the role of censor board. If such type of censor board is not existed, perhaps the nation will not be hampered much. So no need of censor board!!!