Friday, May 28, 2004

Hi Everybody

Hi everybody ! I'm Sadat Shahriar who is a student of RUET in the dept. of EEE. I was born in Barisal that is a district of green Bangladesh. My school and college lives were passed in homedistrict. But for completation higher study to be engg. I had to come to The City of Education Rajshahi. At the very first time I was feeling very lonely here. I think most of the students would feel that. And I was right. At last I got some friends of same mentality of mine here. Then I stated enjoying Rajshahi. Every evening I with my friends used to go to on the bank of Padma. Here this river has no parmanent current.But it has parmanent natural beauty. I will write soon about my friends and Padma in blog. From my boyhood I have a soft corner in my heart for literature and debating. I like poem, short story, novel and drama. I also like reciting. Sometimes I like to write something. I have some published short stories,poem ,scientific and general articles. But all these are written in Bangla language. I can remember my first story. Its name is TUMPA'R FUL DIA in Bangla. In English it can be intoduced to all as FLOWER GIVING OF TUMPA. This short story was published in March,1998 in DAILY JANAKANTHA that is a very popular newspaper in Bangladesh. At present I've more than 75 publications. My last publication is a short story based on RUET named MOU MOU VALOBASHA in a digital magazine of RUET named EXPLORE. You know most of my publications in my native language. I've a desire to translate all my writings in English in blog for all my viewers. Thats all for today. Love u all.