Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Congratulations Bangladesh!

It was Wednesday, 22 February, 2006. Unfortunately the electricity was not available at RUET campus. At 10 o’clock morning we were being anxious to be more anxious due to no power supply. What could we do? The cricket match between Bangladesh and Srilanka was going to be held. We were waiting at the TV room of our hall. But no views were available as there was no electricity. As a result TV was sleeping! About 50 students were present in TV room. Had they nothing to do? Yes, they had. One of our friends brought a radio that broadcasted match. We started hearing. Hurrah! Out! Catch! After regular interval those type sounds were heard around the radio. Hearing our shout about 100 students gathered beside the radio. Suddenly one of our friends brought an UPS that gave 15 minutes of power supply. Thanks him. At last we began to watch our deep expected match. After 10 minutes another UPS was come. Then another was come. Then another…about 30 UPS was supplied to enjoy the whole game.
In result we won bravely. We defeated the former world champion. Most of our students came out with our beloved national flag. In RUET campus various parties were existed. But that day I found just one parties, just one flag, and just one slogan, we the Bangladeshi. Congratulations Bangladesh!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Our bad luck…

I like walking. I always expect for a moonlit night when I may bath with the shine of full moon. It’s exciting. Last night I had an opportunity to walk in such a night. The sky was clear, cloudless but the moon was not in full shape. It shocked me. I found a sad moon. At 11-45 PM I went out of my room. One of my friends joined me. I found some boys who were going to Shaheed Minar of our campus. Most of them carried bunch of flowers. We picked up some flowers from garden of our hall and participated with them. I know flowers are beautiful on tree and children with mother. But we have no alternative. Any way. After sometimes we reached to Shaheed Minar. I was astonished that a lot of police were present there. It is praiseworthy that they came to ensure our security. But its our failure that after independence of 35 years, we can’t celebrate the international mother language day freely, I mean free from fear. We are always afraid of beast that may happen again bomb blast or any other destructive occurrence. Really it’s our bad luck…really…!

Friday, February 10, 2006

My Bangla Blog

You know that I am an irregular blogger. So plz don't mind when you visit my blog (if any!) and find nothing new. Actually now most of my writing times are spent for bangla. Oh! ya, I don't inform you that I've opened a bangla blog (though I linked it to this blog) where I write now. Recently I've posted a love story there. I welcome you to visit my bangla blog and off course to read my written love story. Plz Click Here.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A song for Bangladeshi bloggers

I am very much glad to hear that 'The Dhaka Bloggers Meet' is going to be held. It is being noticed most of the regular bloggers feel excitation for the meeting. What will we do? What will be the topic of our meeting? Will we provide T-shirt? What will be written on it? Is there any sponsor? Etc. Many questions are being raised. Various ideas have been arrived. I don't know what would be decision. Anyway! In addition I want to present an idea of mine. I don't know it is possible or not. Actually there should be a theme song. In this case Mac Vai may help us. I have written a poem for 'The Dhaka Bloggers Meet'. But I don't know how to sing. So renowned rocker Mac Vai can turn this poem to a song if you all like this idea & off course poem and if Mac Vai wants.

Blog // The Window of Heart

Sun rises, sun sets
Kite flies, bird sings,
River flows, life goes
We write these things.
Child's laugh, old's cry
We capture the image,
Beggars' sorrow, night queen's shy
We show on blog-page.
We see, we write
We think, we fight,
For the truth
The life, the light.
We write, we show
We love Bangladesh,
None as like her
None as fresh.