Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A song for Bangladeshi bloggers

I am very much glad to hear that 'The Dhaka Bloggers Meet' is going to be held. It is being noticed most of the regular bloggers feel excitation for the meeting. What will we do? What will be the topic of our meeting? Will we provide T-shirt? What will be written on it? Is there any sponsor? Etc. Many questions are being raised. Various ideas have been arrived. I don't know what would be decision. Anyway! In addition I want to present an idea of mine. I don't know it is possible or not. Actually there should be a theme song. In this case Mac Vai may help us. I have written a poem for 'The Dhaka Bloggers Meet'. But I don't know how to sing. So renowned rocker Mac Vai can turn this poem to a song if you all like this idea & off course poem and if Mac Vai wants.

Blog // The Window of Heart

Sun rises, sun sets
Kite flies, bird sings,
River flows, life goes
We write these things.
Child's laugh, old's cry
We capture the image,
Beggars' sorrow, night queen's shy
We show on blog-page.
We see, we write
We think, we fight,
For the truth
The life, the light.
We write, we show
We love Bangladesh,
None as like her
None as fresh.