Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Solutionless speech

We are very much frustrated for the present situation of Bangladesh. Is there any happiness in any sector of this country? Perhaps government will say that Bangladesh is the happiest country of the world & all those happiness are the contributions of them. But the general people are not blind, they can observe. They are not fool, they can think. And this is the problem. Present condition makes us anxious, disheartens & above all frustrated.
What’s happen in Dhaka University? Through a cruel road crush a female student of DU was killed. General students went to Vice-chancellor for their safety. As a result we got most peculiar treatment of safety. A lot of female students were beaten & tortured by a strange combination of team containing teachers & JCD. What a treatment it is! Shame! Shame!
It’s our irony of fate that poor peoples’ lives have no value. So thousands of known-unknown men-women lost their lives due to launch capsize, Savar tragedy, crossfire etc.
For them law is really blind. So no judgment is required. Because ‘Allah ar mall Allah ee nese’!
Once only opposition party called hartal. Now both government & opposition parties call hartal. Standing between them general people pass a vibrant life. People face hamper of life & wealth. Students fail to continue their studies. But politicians have no tension. Because most of their children live in foreign country & study there. So no problem! Continue hartal!
If we were blind & fool, we would not see & think of anything for the country. No frustration would be created. No tension! No anxiety! So we want to be blind & fool!!!