Thursday, June 09, 2005

Rape// The crime

Have you ever seen a newspaper without the news of a rape even for a single day? Unfortunately I have failed to get such a newspaper. Moreover the number of this type of news is increasing alarmingly. So at present there is no hope to get that type newspaper, isn’t it, really? Actually everything depends on us. Because man can do anything if he wants. Then the satisfactory answer may be gotten.
What’s the cause of a rape? I think the main cause of rape is mental disease. Porn magazines & movies create this disease. Moreover, tendency of taking revenge on a woman occurs rape. Lack of morality in the youth is one of the causes.
It’s our irony of fate that judgment for a rape is rare now. In most of the cases most the criminals are powerful than the victims & our rotten society always supports powerful person. So most of the victims get one-eyed judgments. As a result, criminals get inspiration.
Is it possible to prevent rape? Of course possible! If law is used properly, criminals don’t get any political support, victims get wise judgment & overall men respect women from heart, then the term ‘Rape’ must be vanished from our society someday & we are waiting for such a bright day.