Wednesday, June 01, 2005

About Father

Is there any definition of father? I think there is no exact solution of the question. None can coat the contribution of father through few words. Father is father. He has no alternative. Can you remember your very childhood when you just started walking? Who was your first partner in playing playground at that time? Do you know how to swim or ride a bicycle? If you know so tell from whom did you know this? The answer of all these questions is ‘father’.
In bangle people call father as ‘baba’, ‘abba’, ‘abbu’, ‘babu’ etc. A few Indians call ‘babuji’, ‘abbaji’ as their father. The English use the term as ‘father’, ‘dad’, ‘papa’, ‘pappa’, ‘daddy’ etc. Actually various people call their beloved father according to their land, language & culture.
In this strange world there are some tasks that cannot be ignored. One of them is father’s love & affection & his contribution in our life. Most of the children get the knowledge of alphabets from father first. Many of them want to be a man as father. So father is a milestone of life. In the way of life father acts as the safest shadow that gives us proper direction to go ahead. In every stage, every step of life father’s contribution cannot be neglected. Every cell of our body is bound to announce the loving influence of father. In our country finance of father helps us to be not only educated but also employee. Life without father is impossible.
But we are so peculiar that we can easily ignore our father during his old age. We are so heatless that often we consider him as burden. He gets ill-treatment from us. Sometimes some black ships rebuke their old father due to lack of his working capability. Strange! Really strange! Exactly man can do anything!!! At present an astonishing culture is created our country! Now we send our old father to old home in order to be released of burden!
Actually a fatherless man can realize the value of father. An orphan can feel heartily the need of father in this critical life. So don’t forget your father. He is waiting for you with a bunch of love.
My old, sick father is 400 kms away from me now. I miss you father. I love you. Advance Happy Fathers’ Day!