Saturday, October 30, 2004

Walking in a moonlit night

River & moon meet together in a moonlit night.

From my very boyhood I've a habit of walking. Actually walking gives me a large opportunity to observe different people & various lives of them. Moreover, often my pocket is a blank folder, so I've to walk. Have you ever enjoyed a moonlit night through walking? I enjoyed last night.
Going out of house I found a round moon east sky shining smooth shine. It was 7-30 o'clock at night. During this time of Ramadan I got few people street. Vehicles were small in number. I's walking. Suddenly a nightbird's passing over me. I's afraid. A dog was barking. When I's passing beside a grave yard, I felt lot of people're sleeping tentionless where all've to come someday. The sky was cloudy. Bathing in the shine of moon clouds're playing like children who used to play field every afternoon. Once I played with her. But now..! She is far far from me! So far.....!
I saw a rickshawpooler responsing the call of nature sitting beside a drain. Azan of Esha was heard. Muslims went to mosque. When I reached on the bank of the river Kirtonkhola, it seemed to me that lighted moon was swimming in the river. This type of scene I watched with my friends named Ashek, Shakil & Zia on the river Padma at Rajshahi few months ago. Oh! What a similarity it was! I could't believe it. But it was true. At that time my handwatch remembered me about home & I started to back.