Saturday, October 16, 2004

Bad Experience In Barisal Bus Station

Yesterday I came my home town Barisal by bus. I'd four laguage including PC. When I reached bus station, I'd an unexpected experience. The bus stopped. I got out from bus looking for a rickshaw in order to take myself with laguage. Suddenly I found a man who took out my laguage without my permission. I asked him who he was. He replied me that he was a labour. When I asked him about permission, strangely he said to me that it was a rule i.e. when a bus comes to station, like him some people enter bus & take laguage out and then demand cost for it to passengers. The man demanded me fifty taka. The amount was very large than his labour. I told him that. He angrily opposed me. Moreover he announced if I would not give him money, I could not go home. I's looking for security. I told it other people. But I found nothing beside me. At last giving 15 taka I'd to leave out.
I can't understand. What is this? What is happing around us?