Monday, December 20, 2004

Mother// The sweetest word

Do you know the sweetest word of the world? What is the loving word that is commented as the upper heading? It is ‘MOTHER’. Yes! In English it is called ‘Mother’ or ‘Mom’ or ‘Mama’ or ‘Mammy’ etc. Using my native language Bangla
it is said ‘Ma’ or ‘Mau’ or ‘Mago’ or ‘Amma’ or ‘Ammu’. Actually different people use different language to call their most loving mother. In Hindi the term ‘Mother’ is expressed as ‘Maji’ & ‘Ammaji’ is the Urdu term of ‘Mother’.
Mother is the nearest & dearest person for every human being. She gives our birth facing terrible sufferings for ten months or more. When I was child, she looked after me without neglecting any of my wants. Actually all mother of the world always ready to do anything for the welfare of their children. Sometimes it is seen that mother feeds child by her food & she doesn’t eat anything. She faces the effect of hunger smilly for the existence of the life of her child. A lot of sacrifice we get from mother.
Most of us just take from mother. But nothing is given to her. Very strangely many of us forget the sacrifice of mother. They neglect their old mother. There are some people who leave their mother in old-home. They come to meet her once a year. Some of them don’t come. Strange! Really human nature is very strange!!!
Mother is the best inspiration for anybody to reach his/her destination at any field. I think if a man follows his mother’s advise properly, he must succeed in life. Mother is the best blessing from God for men. Life without mother is totally impossible.
Now we, the Bangladeshis, are passing the month of victory. Because 16 December is our Independent Day. In 1971 through a bloodstained nine months long war we got our independence. At that critical time all the freedom fighters got inspirations from their mother as because mother is compared to motherland & motherland is similar to mother.
The national song of Bangladesh is based on mother. The first line of the song is ‘ OH! MY GOLDEN BANGLA I LOVE YOU....’ In this loving song at many points Bangladesh is called & compared as mother. Actually not only in Bangladesh but also in most of the countries country songs are written with a reflection of mother.
From birth to death in anybody’s life at every stage mother’s contribution is visible.
Now I am 400 km far from my mother. Mother I really miss you. Love you mother! Love you very much!