Saturday, January 01, 2005

Welcome 2005// Happy New Year

We've lost a year 2004 forever & got a new year 2005. In the recent past year many weal & woe came to our lives. It is the time to calculate the want & gain of last year.
War in Iraq, India-Pakistan tention, Different bomb blast, recent Tsunami attack, Professor murder etc. damaged human society vastly. Life & wealth were hampered. Thousands of people were finished.
What's the achievement in 2004? We won EMMY Award 2004 for 'Amrao Pari'. Abdullah Abu Sayeed obtained Magasaysay Award 2004. Young scientist Aref Chowdhury was selected as one of the best 100 scientists (young) of the world. So as a Bangladeshi our number of achievements were not so small, not so vast.
New year, new dream, new hope, new want, new & new.........wish you all the best. Happy New Year!!!

N.B: As I'm a tender blogger & very weak in English language, so my reader (if any) should consider my posts with soft heart. I'm trying my best to be skilled in English.