Monday, November 08, 2004

About Blogging in Daily Jugantor

Have you seen today’s Daily Jugantor that is one of the best national newspapers of Bangladesh? Surprisingly I found my blog address on a page of that renowed newspaper few hours ago this morning. Actually this daily has published a science & technology based page named ‘Jugantor-dot-com’ today. In this page a writer named ‘Tanjila Nusrat’ wrote about blogging. The name of the article of her in Bangla ‘Blogging // Tottho-Probaher Sadhinota’. Really it is nice writing. If you get time don’t forget to read & enjoy the mentioned article.
But there is a problem! You can’t get the page ‘Jugantor-dot-com’ in the website of Daily Jugantor. Strangely in e-version the authority of that national newspaper don’t add that page! They should add it immediately. So you have to buy a copy of today’s Jugantor from hokker if you want to know about blogging.