Monday, June 07, 2004

What is LOVE ?

I think the above heading is the most mysterious question of the world. Probably no solution of the question is yet found. But some partial answers have been got. Someone says love is just to be better leading of life. Another says love is nothing but sex. Other says love is only love. Can you define it properly? Many famous men had failed to note love expectively. Our Noble winner poet Rabindranath tells that he wants that, what is mistake, what he gets, but that is not
wanted. Same to us. Many of us don't know what they want. But they want and fail to get. Unfortunately disheartendness enter in mind of many without knowing themselves. It is generally happened in young life. The young want to know the definition of love. They are looking for and for. At last they get something but that can't satisfy their thrusts. Strange! Really it is.........
How do young enjoy love? Just gossiping. Then eating and taking something in restaurants. Using cell phone. In concious or unconcious mind flowing in kissing and so on........But their base of love is not as much deep as it should be. So for many little causes may damage young love. Now it may be asked that is it love or infatuation. May be one. I don't know.
Now-a-days a new type of love is discovered in the heart of young! It may be defined as NET-LOVE. Whats that? Love that is covered by net!! E-mail, Chatting, Voice Chatting etc etc are the main jobs(!) of young browsers. They chat and chat with known and unknown ID. Though most of the IDs are not real, they chat. Chattings sometimes in some hearts grows e-love. But in most cases this love becomes valueless after viewing image of both. So is it love? I don't know. Do you know ?