Monday, June 28, 2004


We know that newspaper is the mirror of society. So it is generally hoped that no wrong information will be printed in newspaper. Because a powerful public media can hamper any stage of life with unwise incorrect information. In Bangldesh we have many newspapers. Not all are popular. Some of them are very wellread in people. Really people expect good and right news through renowed newspaper. But often mistakes take place on their page. I can give a small information. Yesterday the news of publishing result of SSC exam came in all newspapers of Bangladesh. Really it is a good news. But problem is the number of obtainers A+. Reading newspapers I ask myself, how many student did get A+? Various newspaper gave me various news. INQUILAB tells me about 9866. PROTHM-ALO tells me the number is about 8986. Question is-who is wright? Answer is-I don't know.
It is really funny of variation of news though the event is the same. I just give you a very small idea. But this matter is not small. It is very important. All should think about that.