Friday, June 18, 2004

Have We Lost Our UNITY ?

1971 . The year of our liberation war . Attacked by Pakistati . Torture ! Rape ! Murder ! Blood & blood ! Lives & lives ! We've lost a lot !! But one thing is remaining . And that is unity-the power . Fighting nine months at last 16 december 1971 we've won . A newborn country BANGLADESH took place on the map of the world .
2004 . The year of nomination "Failed Country" of the universe and losing the post of secretary of OIC . What is happing ? Why're we being rebuked ? We fail . We should try to overcome complex condition together . But we don't . Why ? Have we lost our unity ? Now we need right decision at right time . Ill politics makes us backward when others are in forward . May be it is the main cause of breaking base of unity . So our politicians need to be conscious . They should give up their narrow mentality about each other . I hope they will be united for the welfare of the country .