Sunday, June 13, 2004


I don't like gloomy sky. But I like rain. I like to watch rain falling cats & dogs. Rainy touch is really deep expecting-gift for all from nature. We've rainy season consisting of three months in Bangladesh. Yet our agriculture is basically dependent on rain. Sweet smile of thousands of people depends on fresh rain. Greenary of this country is the great contribution of nature through rain.
Bangldesh is called the Land of River. During summer most of the rivers become weak & sick for the lack of water flowing. But in rainy season rivers come in condition of full youth. Rain gives them life-bearing spirit. Have you ever seen moving boat with boatman singing? I've seen boat and its mover. But boatman's song is not yet heared except immagination.
Rain can wash nature and remove dust from environment. It makes our sky clear and clean. Sometimes I enjoy thinking of rain as a immaginary natural power that would make our life without sorrow and with joy & joy by washing and removing all bad and blacks of life and life. Is it possible? I don't know. I know only hope that may make us dreamed!