Friday, June 11, 2004


Somedays ago someone commented that Bangladesh was the most failed country of the world. I can't support this unwise comment. It is true that Bangladesh has many failures. But she is not most failed. She has lot of success. Her people are working in many important states through world. Her children are playing good in any worldclass competitions as like world cup cricket. Scientist of this country worked in nasa, bel lab. People of us are dreaming to be good. So why is it failed country? It is true that our political situation is not satisfactory. Political parties of us are just looking for power. Most of the called-leaders want to be rich and more to be rich. Actually do they love this country? I don't know . I know their behaviour should be changed. It is pitiful to us when we find the difference between their speech and works. Hope it will be changed someday. Our country is very poor. Leaders know that. But they give hartal thats damage our economy.In most of hartals lives and wealth are hampered. Foreign media know that.They show it to world. And Bangladesh became failed country. Is it fair? I don't know.I think just for sick political condition the image of this country is now in trouble. So I request to all political leaders, plz save our mom, our motherland BANGLADESH!