Thursday, September 16, 2004


Hi everybody! How are you? Hope you fine. Today I'm going to write my 25th blog. It's a quarter century! But yet no wicket has been fallen! Now I'll tell you my experience that I acquired through my past posts. Perhaps it may be boring. So please don't mind.
Actually I was in dark about blogging & blog world. One day I heard one of my friends wrote regularly in e-net through his website. Then a desire was grown in my mind-I would like to write in internet. At that time I'd an idea that wabsite making was costly. As I'm a poor student, I left the wish of writing.
Once I saw a website with exclusive writings named 'Close your eyes and try to see' in our varsity central computer lab. I was glad to know that the maker of this site is one of the students of our class. And he was Rifat. This bosom friend of mine helped me lot to open a blog and modify it. Thanks Rifat! Thank you very much!!
It is really amazing that unknown people read my blog. They not only read but also comment. When I got first comment on my blog, I can't express my feelings at that time. I was to glad too speak. So thank you all & LOVE U ALL!!!