Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Have you ever seen fox? It is a small & very clever animal. Moreover it is commented as a popular animal. In many stories various writers have used fox as different characters. When I was a child my late grandfather(NANA VAI) told me lot of stories based on fox. At that time several idea about fox grew in my mind. Fox is a kind of thief. It likes eggs. It can make trouble for man etc, etc & etc. So I had a desire to see fox face to face. Though I saw it zoo. But I wanted to see real & wild.
A few days ago my hope was filled up by nature. It was night. In campus of RUET I was talking by cell phone with my friend of IR in DU, at that time I found a small animal standing near me. Observing keenly I sured that it was a fox. I told it to my friend. She was laughing and I was watching. After sometimes the fox ran away.