Monday, July 19, 2004

Recent Bangladeshi Movies

What is movie? The answer of this question may be expressed in various ways. Movie is a source of recreation. It can be commented as a mirror that may reflect human life to viewers. But lamp has light upper and dark lower. A movie can do harm to watcher if it is full of unwise sex and violence. And it is deeply pitiful that most recent playing Bangladeshi movies are full of useless sex and unwise story. This type movie may influence young to do evil deed. As a result number of crimers may be increased.

But a good movie can teach people lot by presenting wise art, true history and reality of life. Actually not all recent Bangladeshi movies are meaningless. Some nice movies are being produced, such as, MATIR MOINA. But they are very small in number. All artists of film world of Bangladesh should come forward to make wise story based movie that may give us not only recreation but also lessons.