Saturday, July 24, 2004

First Love

Can anyone forget his/her first love of life? Perhapes not. A man may forget any event of his life if he wants. But he cannot forget his first love if he tries hundred times. I know not all love stories have perfect ending. Though end is not everything. End after end. Actually love has no end. It is just like oscean that is endless.
Today I will tell you a true story. It was five years ago. At that time a boy was in class eight(grade=8). Suppose his name was Roky. At this age people know little what love is. But they want to know. Like them Roky wanted to know. He liked a girl of class seven(grade=7) named Tani(suppose). That time all moments of Roky were passing by thinking of her. Once suddenly Roky proposed her. Tani agreed him. And they began to fly in the world of dream.
But oneday their communicantion had been fallen into a big unexpecting gap. Though time was passing, they could not forget each other. After three years they met together. Still they are in love. But they don't know future, they are beside each other forever becoming friends.
Actually none can forget first love. U cannot. I cannot. None can.