Sunday, August 01, 2004


Today is The World Friendship Day. A day of friends and friendship. Actually I think friendship is a kind of sweet relation that wants from you nothing but company where we may get no demand of wealth. Only in friendship no selfishness works. Sorry and thanks have no place in friendship.
All should try to be really friendly with his/her friends by soul. One may fun, make jokes with friends. But none should mock. Care should be noted that no friend would be hurt by rough behavior. Be friendly and love all.
Its a matter of sorrow that there is someone who forgets his/her past friends when he/she gets new one or more. This type of behave is really pitiful. Basically this type of man is not in real friendship. He/she just act like actor/actress. This is not real friendship, its mocking.
Don't forget old friends, make new friends.