Friday, August 13, 2004

Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is a common event for e-users. It is a type of crime that may cause harm to human manner and wealth. It should've an end. But still it is increasing.
Virus attack is the most common trouble for net-browsers. Sometimes powerful virus may damage all systems of an e-institution. Actually virus developers are very sharp programmers. They use their talent to evil e-deed. If they use it to human welfare, then internet would've a lot of super power and super communication system.
Chatting is very interesting to all. In the time of chatting many use phone and webcam. Meaningful chatting is hopeful, but meaningless chatting leads to unexpected excitement. Now the question is-what is meaningless chat? I think when libidinous words are used, nude pictures (live or still) are sent between users, then that type of chatting may be commented as meaningless. Therefore there is no need to chat unwisely.
It's an age of communication. People should be more informative. Avoiding cyber crime one may do better in e-world, isn't it?