Sunday, July 11, 2004


Dhaka varsity is one of the famous varsities of the world. About 30 thousand students study here. Of them a big portion is female. They have dream to be established. They hope better environment of study here. But do they get that? They get something what is not proper of expectation. Moreover insulting manner by few boys makes their mind pitiful. But this is not hopped.
Recently a news published on some newspapers about girl blackmailing of that varisty makes me disappointed much. The news tells that a female student was blackmailed by her lover. Making emotional situation the girl's lover took her bed and all bedscenes were vedioed . Then the evillover made the C.D. published through market and he left country. Now what the girl will do? She can't lead her life normally. Perhapes she may suiside. Question is who will responsible for that?
The administration of Dhaka varsity should take steps to save girl from further blackmailing immadiately. Beside this, both male & female students should be keep decent. Love is universal. None should spoil that by going bed before marriage. All should keep patience. I think desire for doing better of nativeland is more important than to make useless affair. So we should study well and dream to make SONAR BANGLA.