Saturday, July 10, 2004


If anyone is asked the upper heading as a question outside Bangladesh, he/she may consider the asker as a mad or a joker. But here now this is not a matter of joke. In Bangladesh our history is changing after per five years. Though it is strange but true.
1971. The most glorious year of our life. Our Independent war was happened this year.We have lost a lot through lives, blood & honour. But we get a free motherland BANGLADESH.
It is our bad luck that we, the young can't know the real history of '71 what should be known to all must. In school life I know that, what is being changed in college life. In varsity life I learn another. So like me many are in deep problem about the real history of Bangladesh. What is true/false?
Our text books do not give us right idea. When government is changed, the idea of text is also changed. So our future is growing up with flexible known history of nativeland. It is really pitiful for us. Immadiately we should do something.