Friday, March 25, 2005

26th March, Independent day & Independence

We all know 26th March is a red-letter day for every Bangladeshi. The day is our Independent day from the glorious year 1971. You know there is a proverb it is easier to achieve independence than to maintain it. I think we are passing a critical moment now when the defeated power in 1971 has got the partial power of government, most of the alive freedom fighters are being neglected and the young generation is going to a dark destination where no real history of liberation war is existed. It is noticed there is a strange tendency in some people. They are not interested about the past, about the war & about the history '71. Moreover they despair their children to know the past history of Bangladesh. But why? Past is past, isn't it? Question is what’s the base of present & future? I know present is based on past. And the base of future is present. Am I right?