Sunday, March 20, 2005

Student politics of Bangladesh

Generally the politics in which the students play chief role is known to us as student politics. In Bangladesh student politics is existed. But can we comment it safe? Is it well? I am sorry to say that the present student politics of Bangladesh is quite ill. It needs treatment. Brilliant students have to come in the field of this politics. All black & ugly should be removed from here.
Let's go back to the history. In 1952, 1969, 1971 students played vital role to save this motherland & language. At that time student politics was used for the welfare of country. Most brilliant students leaded at that time. In those days there was no quarrel among the student politicians for money & power as of today. It’s our bad luck that a big portion of student politics has been spoiled at present. But why? Who are responsible for it?
Two big parties BNP & AL have student organizations. BNP has 'Chattradal' & AL has 'Chattralegue'. Do you know about the leaders of both students' parties? It’s funny though these parties are for students only but most of the central leaders of them are non-students, some of them are married & father of children! Any way! Other alarming matter is no brilliant students who obtain merit position/ A+ in SSC/ HSC are interested in student politics. The present student politicians are not interested in studying. Most of their interest is grown for money & power not for welfare of country. So what is the destination of student politics?
We should immediately conscious about the matter of spoliation of student politics. Because today's student politicians are future's leaders of the country. Can we go back to the golden age of student politics as like as 1952, 1969, 1971.........?