Wednesday, March 09, 2005

We want judgement of genocide'71

Do you know the genocide happened in 1971 in Bangladesh? At that time this country was a part of Pakistan & she was called East Pakistan. West Pakistan tortured us socially, economically, religiously through every steps of life. They wanted to capture everything of us. But Bangladshis are brave. They announced war against Pakistan for freedom. For this reason Pakistani army tortured, raped & killed thounsands of people. About 30 lac innocent people including children, young & old were killed. Many women were raped. Perhaps their number was about 2 lac. Thus the biggest genocide of the world '71 was happened. Now we are independent. But we get no judgement of Pakistan for their evil work in 1971. Still now tortured people are looking for that future when Pakistan would be punished for doing genocide'71.