Friday, March 11, 2005

Where is our destination?

I am very much anxious about the future of Bangladesh. What will come for us? What would be commented for this country? We are passing an unhappy period at present. But why? Who/ what is responsible for the unexpected situation? Personally I think ill politics is the main cause for the upper situation. None know the destination of politics. Even politicians are also totally in dark about their goal. They are engaged in unnecessary debating against each other always. Observing their behavior it seems to me that the government party wants to be in power forever and the opposition party wants the resignation of government party without giving any chance to work by giving hartal & hartal.
These two parties are strict for their decision always. As a result general people are suffering much through facing useless fighting during hartal, losing wealth and sometimes life. At the age of e-net people of other countries know us as a nation who loves quarrel & fight. Often they are afraid of coming here. It is not only hampering but also terrible for our future. So question is " Where is our destination?". And the answer is totally unknown to me. Would you help me please?